Nothing is known of Tanya's past, save that she was a mutant born in Ohio who was at some point captured by the Czech mutant named Viktor, a slave-trader who intended to auction her off to the highest bidder

Tanya's memory was erased by Viktor's powers, and she was placed in a holding cell with three other mutants, the Czech sisters Markita and Vanessa and the Frenchman Luc, all with their memories erased. A traumatized Tanya retreated into her own mind and did not speak to the others. Once Vanessa and Markita touched each other, however, their power to merge into one body activated and their memories returned. They were then knocked out by an arriving Viktor, who explained that a customer intended to buy Tanya. However, the customer was in fact the shapeshifting mutant spy Mystique, who had come to destroy Viktor's organization. Viktor grappled with Luc and Mystique, before Tanya's memories returned, and she activated her powers and defeated Viktor, whom Mystique then killed.

Mystique enlisted Luc and Tanya's help in taking down one of Viktor's main customers, the DermaFree Corporation. Luc and Tanya fought off the guards at DermaFree's secret lab, while Mystique infiltrated it. Luc and Tanya held off the guards long enough for Mystique to accomplish her mission, but were ultimately defeated. Fortunately for them, Mystique had returned in the guise of an officer, and sent the other guards on a wild goose chase, saving the lives of the two mutants.


Tanya had the ability to shapeshift into a sleek, metallic golden form. In this state she could project destructive beams of light from her body by unknown means.

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