In Tangerine's future the Sentinels took over America. When the fighting began, the former X-Men among Excalibur went to help their comrades and perished. The Sentinels expanded their reach across the world. Very few Countries held their own against the Sentinels. Britain was one of them. But they only did so because of Black Air, whose keeping Britain safe resulted in being given the power to turn Britain, effectively, into a totalitarian state.

Tangerine was a skilled telepath who joined Excalibur to fight Black Air. Based out of the ruins of Braddock Manor, she joined the wheelchair bound Pete Wisdom, who led Wolfsbane, Captain Britain, Meggan, along with Psylocke, and Karma.


Telepathy: Tangerine is a highly skilled telepath. This also enabled her to sense when enemies were approaching.

Empathy: Through her telepathy, Tangerine possesses the empathic power to access the emotions, dreams and memories of many forms of life around her.

Bio-Electrical Blasts: Tangerine can generate bio-electrical blasts that attack a foe's nervous system.

Retrocognition: Tangerine also has a form of psychometry that allows her to relive the memories of people who were killed in an area.

  • The story "Days of Future Tense" is set in the Britain of 2013 and is another nod to the X-Men storyline "Days of Future PAST"

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