About the "Nextwave" issue: In a recent issue of comic shop news, when asked if Nextwave was core Marvel U or not, the writer said he saw no reason to tie down the rest of the Marvel U with Nextwave. I think it's supposed to be a quirky, non-continuity storyline. (That is, a different Universe; Eart-Nextwave, if you will.) After waiting an issue or two for confirmation we can probably move the nextwave storyline to an "alternative Fin Fang Foom" section, or however they plan on cateloging alternative versions of Marvel characters. WhyBother 03:32, 13 February 2006 (Eastern Standard Time)

Okay, just revamped the article a bit. It looks like the Beyond corporation is really found of replicas. They even replicated about 15 supervillains so that they could throw them together in 3 loosely-themed teams. Not to mention all the henchmen seen in issue 11 of Nextwave. Also, one writer, when asked what he would do if he ever want to use Foom again responded that he would just claim the Foom in Nextwave was a clone. -- WhyBother 07:33, 2 June 2007 (UTC)

Invincible Iron Man Edit

Did you know that Fin Fang Foom was in the animated film Invincible Iron Man? The dragon (though not named in the film itself) was called Fin Fang Foom in the concept art in the bonus features of the DVD. He should be added to the site then. Zakor1138 01:07, April 26, 2011 (UTC)