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Appearing in "I Dared Defy the Floating Head!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Hank
  • Bruce

Supporting Characters:

  • The Mayor


  • Construction Workers



  • Projector


  • Jets

Synopsis for "I Dared Defy the Floating Head!"Edit

A giant floating head appears overNew York and proclaims it is the first to arrive in an invasion force. The army attack it but it disappeas and reappears faster than the speed of light and the head explains they travel by there minds and can telepathically blow things up, demanding the entire city leave. A boy named Bruce figures out the truth that this is a ll a ruse by some criminals to rob the entire city and that the head is nothing more than a projection.

Appearing in "I Live Again!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Living Statue



  • Rocketship
  • Ship

Synopsis for "I Live Again!"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 8 007
Despite having been shown to be decapitated in the final panel of last issue's Ditko story, the evil stone giant is back again in this issue. He hatches a plan for world conquest and makes his way to America to begin. When he seeks a place to rest in what is presumably Cape Canaveral, he has the misfortune to enter a rocket that is launched for the outward areas of the solar system.

Appearing in "I Am the Genie!"Edit

Featured Characters:



  • Lamp

Synopsis for "I Am the Genie!"Edit

A criminal finds a genie in a bottle and sets out to make himself ruler over all. He wishes for a golden castle, a flying horse, that the Atlantic dry up, and that the sun be blotted out. While the genie is finishing the last task, he gets the idea to trade places with the genie so he has all the power, and that is what he wishes for when the genie returns. The genie complies and the criminal decides to eliminate the genie as his first empowered act. The genie, now a mortal, commands him to halt and he is astonished when he cannot move. The genie informs him that he obeyed his commands not because he wanted to, but because he was impelled to as part of the curse. The genie was once an evil man, but has since repented, and undoes all the previous harmful wishes while commanding that the criminal return to the bottle where someday, he too, may repent of an ill-spent life.

Appearing in "Mummex King of the Mummies!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Sara

Other Characters:

  • Intergalactic Missing Person's Bureau


Synopsis for "Mummex King of the Mummies!"Edit

An archaeologist discovers a giant mummy buried in the Egyptian desert, who goes on a rampage appearing to be searching for every normal sized mummy in the local area. After the mummy disappears in a sandstorm it is revealed that the mummy is in fact an alien who works in the intergalactic missing person bureau. The mummy look is just their space suits and they were trying to find any missing aliens on earth.

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