Appearing in "I Am the Gorilla-Man"Edit

Featured Characters:



  • Personality Swap Device

Synopsis for "I Am the Gorilla-Man"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 28 001
An inventor develops a mind transference machine that will allow him to exchange places with a gorilla in order for him to use the great strength during burglaries. He thinks it is the perfect scheme as he would never be suspected while inhabiting his human body, but he doesn't count on the gorilla developing a human-like personality once its mind is transferred into the inventor's body. The ape in the man's body holds a gun on the gorilla while phoning the authorities to come pick him up while the inventor finds his mind slowly dissipating the longer he inhabits the ape's body and begins to concern himself only with animal desires for food and comfort.

Appearing in "Midnight on Haunted Hill"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Billy Jones

Supporting Characters:

  • Unnamed Alien Plant



  • Spaceship

Synopsis for "Midnight on Haunted Hill"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 28 010
A boy is the only witness to the exile of an alien criminal, ala "The Zanti Misfits", to serve a one year sentence on Earth. Since it is dark and raining, the boy cannot identify the creature as it leaves the large spaceship, but hears its occupants tell the prisoner they will return in one year. The boy informs the authorities, but is scoffed at. Since he is persistent, they follow him out to the hill, but there is nothing to be seen but a lone tree. The local paper talks up the story to generate tourist traffic and the boy is humiliated that no one will believe him. A year passes, and thanks to the paper reminding everyone, a bit of a crowd gathers on the hill to get a glimpse of the spaceship that no one really expects. They are startled when one actually descends and even more surprised when the tree uproots itself and ascends in the craft. The people express regret that they did not believe the boy as they could have learned so much from the exile.

Appearing in "The Scheme"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • John Bentley

Supporting Characters:

  • Anne Wentworth


  • Wentworth Estate -19th Century

Synopsis for "The Scheme"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Frightening Fog"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Star Patrol


  • Mongoors


Synopsis for "The Frightening Fog"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 28 026
This story is interesting in that it is basically the same idea that the Watcher tries in Fantastic Four #48 to hide the Earth from the Silver Surfer's observation.

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