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Appearing in "The Creature from Krogarr"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Joe Hanson

Supporting Characters:

  • Clara Hanson




  • Matter Transmitter

Synopsis for "The Creature from Krogarr"Edit

An alien contacts a financially irresponsible Earthman through his TV set and offers to make him famous if he will just make a few adjustments to the TV and allow his body to pass from the alien's planet to Earth. The man does this, but the alien is hostile and had lied to him. He seizes the man and travels back to his home planet. He tells the man that he will be his proof that the method of travel works and puts in a call to his superiors. Once his superiors arrive and have seen the human, he is to be killed, and invasion plans drawn up. Suddenly the man fades away just before the superiors arrive. Angered, they kill the inventor and destroy his machine which they assume is worthless. It turns out that the man had neglected to pay the electric bill and the power to the TV set was shut off, thus saving all of Earth.

Appearing in "Behold Him! He is the Martian"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Danny Blake

Supporting Characters:

  • Agent X



  • Rocketship

Synopsis for "Behold Him! He is the Martian"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 25 010
A spy from Jupiter disguised as a human stows away on the first rocket from Earth to Mars. The pilot is a Martian spy disguised as Earthman Dan Blake whose mission is to radio back to Earth that a radiation belt with fatal effects makes attempting to reach Mars too dangerous so Earthmen will give up their attempts to reach Mars. The spy from Jupiter overcomes the Martian and radios Jupiter that travel to Mars is safe, and then radios the Martian's story back to Earth so as to discourage Earthlings from space flight.

Appearing in "The Gypsy's Revenge"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Monk Morgan

Supporting Characters:

  • Gypsy


Synopsis for "The Gypsy's Revenge"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Where Lurks the Ghost"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Joe

Supporting Characters:

  • Caretaker


Synopsis for "Where Lurks the Ghost"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 25 026
A man makes a bet with his friend that he will see a ghost if he stays the night at a local haunted house and his skeptical friend accepts. When he gets there, he is greeted by the caretaker whom he explains the nature of the wager to and the caretaker agreeably allows the man to spend the night. The two of them look all through the house but detect no ghosts. The man beds down and passes the night without incident. In the morning, the caretaker wakes him and sends him on his way. The skeptical man, feeling smug, goes to visit his friend but when he mentions the caretaker, the friend is startled. He pulls out a newspaper clipping of a photo of the caretaker that states he was killed by an intruder many years ago.

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