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Appearing in "Moomba"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Frank

Supporting Characters:

  • Katu


Other Characters:

  • Pygmies


Synopsis for "Moomba"Edit

An explorer discovers that native African wood carvings are actually an advance fifth column invasion force under the command of their leader named Moomba. Moomba gives his command to strike and all the carvings get up and begin to herd and intimidate their human owners as the wood they are crafted of is so dense that neither fire nor any other human weapons can defeat them. Using unknown means, a native African witch doctor defeats Moomba and extracts a promise from him to leave Earth along with all of his warriors.

Appearing in "Less Than Human"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • John Harris

Supporting Characters:

  • Alice Harris
  • Billy Harris
  • Roby

Other Characters:

  • Service Robots


Synopsis for "Less Than Human"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Voice from Nowhere"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Astronaut

Supporting Characters:

  • The Asteroid


  • Spaceship

Synopsis for "The Voice from Nowhere"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 23 027
The pilot of a rocketship lands on what he takes to be an asteroid in order to make repairs but is perplexed when he hears a voice seemingly from nowhere pleading to him to help a lost and hungry traveler. He looks all over the "asteroid" but cannot find the source of the pleading and asks if the speaker is invisible. The voice replies no, the man can see him, why won't he help? Since the voice says that it is lost, the man asks "Where are you from?" and the voice replies "From the fourth galaxy". The pilot gestures in the direction of the named galaxy and the grateful voice utters "You've saved me human." After the man lift-offs in his rocketship, he realizes that what he took for an asteroid was actually an alien life form as it moves away from him under its own power.

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