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Appearing in "I Learned the Dread Secret of the Blip!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Blip
  • Radar Operator



  • Dynamo

Synopsis for "I Learned the Dread Secret of the Blip!"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 15 001
An alien made of living electricity visits Earth to regain its strength after becoming stuck in a space time warp. Since it has hidden itself in a cave, and siphoned off the nearby electrical current, a scientist goes looking for the source of the power disruption. He finds the alien and realizes that it's friendly, but the frightened townsfolk come upon the cave and mistake the alien's large size for menace and take the scientist as a collaborator. The alien is angered at the hostility the townspeople demonstrate and departs without imparting any knowledge leaving the townsfolk to express their regret at their ignorant behavior.

Appearing in "I Dared Enter the Forbidden World!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Ivory Hunters
    • Derek
    • John
    • Monga


  • Martians
    • Uxmal
    • Antogg


Synopsis for "I Dared Enter the Forbidden World!"Edit

A hunter searching for the Elephant's Graveyard discovers that Martians have been using the Earth to farm ivory since they introduced mastodons to the planet in ages past.

Appearing in "I Am the Invisible!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Professor Karlos Konak

Supporting Characters:

  • Zuka the Witch


  • Invisiblity Lens

Synopsis for "I Am the Invisible!"Edit

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 15 018
A man threatens a witch unless she hands over two lenses which will make him invisible. She implores him not to try it, but relinquishes the lens. They can be reversed to make the invisible visible once again, but what the man did not expect is that when he becomes invisible to the outside world, the outside world in turn becomes invisible to him.

Appearing in "I Defied the Curse of Tut-Ah-Anka!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Convict

Supporting Characters:

  • Doctors

Other Characters:

  • Police


Synopsis for "I Defied the Curse of Tut-Ah-Anka!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

  • "I Defied the Curse of Tut-Ah-Anka!" reprinted in Fear #2
  • "I Learned the Dread Secret of the Blip!" reprinted in Fear #2
  • "I Dared Enter the Forbidden World!" reprinted in Fear #2

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