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Synopsis for "The Blood Testament of Brian Collier"Edit

As Layla and the Zombie travel through the swamps, Layla trips and bangs her head knocking herself out, leaving the Zombie to wander out in the swamps alone. In it's wanders the Zombie is attacked by a crocodile but manages to fight it off. The Zombie's wanderings brings it to the estate of Brian Collier who, during a family get together has been smothered to death with a pillow by an unseen attacker. The police are called in to investigate the murder, but find no clues.

When the will reader, a man named Ralston is called to read the will, it states that the entire estate would be divided among Collier's surviving family members. However, one-by-one the surviving family members and staff of the Collier estate are murdered, until James Collier learns that Ralston is the man responsible, having made a copy of the will, eliminating portions that state if Ralston is the only surviving person named in the will the entire estate would be turned over to him. When being confronted, Ralston, and his secret benefactor, Jason Collier attack James.

The Zombie, watching the entire event unfold, decides to get involved, killing both Ralston and and Jason before vanishing into the night. After a police investigation of all the murders, they find fingerprints belonging to Simon Garth, which puzzles them because their records show that Garth has been dead for two years. The Zombie returns to the swamp where Layla revives and the two continue their journey through to the city.

Appearing in "Voodoo in the Park"Edit

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Synopsis for "Voodoo in the Park"Edit

Reprinted from Village Voice, an eyewitness account of a Voodoo ceremony being conducted in Central Park.

Appearing in "Haiti's Walking Dead"Edit

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  • Girl (Death)

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  • her family
  • a Houngan

Synopsis for "Haiti's Walking Dead"Edit

When a voodoo master takes a bride, she dies suddenly after their marriage. Too poor to purchase a coffin that is the right size for her body, they are forced to break her neck in order to make her fit inside the box. When she is resurrected as a zombie later, everyone is horrified to find that her neck is still broken and her head will spend eternity slumped to one side.

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Synopsis for "Inside Inside Voodoo"Edit

Review of the book Inside Voodoo

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Synopsis for "A Second Chance to Die"Edit

Brad Sloan is about to be hung for murder, when he notices a woman in the crowd. After he is hung and his body put in a coffin, he is shocked to find that the woman in the crowd has secreted him out and is taking him to her island where she lives a rich life, Brad is told that the island is surrounded by deadly dogfish and that her late husband was a practitioner of voodoo.

The next morning he learns that she is the wife of the man he had killed, and that she and her followers intend to hunt him and kill him on their island property. Fleeing them, Brad manages to make it to the water even though he's been hit with a few arrows. Hoping to swim back to the mainland, he completely forgets about the dog fish who begin to attack and eat his legs just as he enters the water.

Suddenly he finds himself back in the gallows, the whole experience was an illusion brought on by the woman, and that he is going to be hung anyway. As the trap door is about to release, Brad Sloan's last words are calling the woman who tricked him so a witch before he is hung to death.

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