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Continued from last issue... In Port Au Prince, Haiti, a storm rages as the Zombie continues to wait patiently in the cave he has been secreted into by Anton Cartier. The Zombie's solitude however is interrupted by the arrival of a boa constrictor that comes to make a meal out of him, the Zombie easily kills the creature then goes out into the rain on impulse. Also out in the storm is the Zombie's daughter, Donna Garth who is met by her father's colleague Anton Cartier. Cartier lies to Donna and tells him that he is no closer to finding the truth about her father's disappearance. As he returns to his hut, he wonders what happened to the Amulet of Damballa that is the key to restoring Simon Garth back to his normal form. While in New Orleans, the object of Cartier's thoughts is found by a drunken bum, who hopes he can use the Voodoo charm as a means of getting a free cup of coffee.

Back in Haiti, a plane arrives, and on board are the documentary filmmaker Bruce Mason and his wife Moira. Bruce has come to the island to shoot a documentary on Voodoo in spite of his wife's doubts that this film will be very lucrative. Bruce calls his friend Anton Cartier who invites the Mason's over to his home to discuss the film. Meanwhile, the Zombie returns back to his cave, and realizing that even his dead body would rot away without food, decides to feast on the dead snake which earlier tried to make him it's next meal.

When the Mason's visit with Cartier, Cartier is be bringer of bad news when he tells Bruce that he cannot film any Voodoo rituals. He explains that Voodoo in Haiti is a religion that is taken seriously, and that the locals would not take kindly to him filming their ceremonies. Frustrated with this apparent dead end and not getting her needs from Bruce, Moira storms out of the meeting. Bruce however is still interested, and is honored that they invited him to view the ritual.

No one notices the Zombie watching them from the woods, as they are all watching a ceremony conducted by a Voodoo priestess named Katanya. Everyone is amazed to witness Katanya, and her fellow Houngan, dance in roaring flames unmolested, as they allow Lao spirits to possess them. This quickly changes when Moira sneaks into a hut and begins filming the ceremony, prompting the Lao to abandon the scene and cause the practitioners to feel the flames. Catching Moira, Katanya demands that she be punished by the Lao. They tie her to a stake and begin chanting. Moira continues to voice her disrespect for Voodoo, and the Lao called Ezili-Kokabe steals her face.

Seeing his wife disfigured, Bruce offers himself up as a sacrifice, and it is revealed that she will be forgiven if he becomes a zombie in service to Ezili-Kokabe. Once he is tied to the alter, and Katanya begins, the Zombie recognizes the ritual that took his life, and turned him into the somber, unfeeling Zombie. Not wanting Bruce to share his fate, the Zombie breaks up the gathering, and frees Bruce, killing some of the Houngan in the process.

The Zombie then brings Moira out near a cliff where she begs to be killed. The Zombie obliges by snapping her neck, and then sends her lifeless body (restored back to normal in death) off the cliff and into the rushing waters below.

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Text story... American journalist David Sanford has gone missing in Haiti while doing research for a book on Voodoo. His sister Tracy gets the aid of Major Dureaux of the police to help find her brother. Their only lead is that a master of ceremonies named Tierce had agreed to let David witness a secret ritual. Their searches bring them to Mama Jean. When Dureaux dismisses Voodoo as superstition they are attacked by the spirit who slays Mama Jean and some of her followers. They are saved by David who reveals that he's been possessed by the Dark One, Bakula-Baka. As David/Bakula-Baka disappear, Dureaux realizes that they must seek out Bakula-Baka if they are to stop his evil and save David. This story is continued in Tales of the Zombie #5...

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  • Helen
  • Tommy

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Little Tommy is horrified witnessing his father Mr. Worth add another butterfly to his collection. Later showing off what he believes to be a complete collection, he is told he is missing one rare breed: A breed of giant butterflies that originate in Argentina. Determined to get one of these creatures for his collection, Mr. Worth spends a fortune to go out and hunt for them. In an ironic twist, the butterflies end up capturing him and taking him to their home, where they have a collection of their own: different breeds of human, foolish enough to venture in their territory.

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  • "Gilgamesh"

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  • Akima
  • Akima's father (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Warrior's Burden"Edit

Gilgamesh is an eternal zombie warrior, summoned from the land of the dead by Akima's father. In order to free Akima, Gilgamesh slays a Demon, and then allows it's giant body to crush him so that he can return to his death-rest. As the Demon's body changes back into that of the girl, Akima is freed from the curse, and her spirit is allowed to move on.

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Synopsis for "Night of the Living Dead Goes On, and on, and on, and on..."Edit

An article about the George A. Romero zombie classic Night of the Living Dead.

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This story is a reprint of the comic
Journey Into Mystery #18.

For a full synopsis, please see the comic linked in this message box. Any new or updated information can and should be added to this page. Otherwise, the majority of the information contained on this page is similar to that of the comic linked in this message box.

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Synopsis for "I Won't Stay Dead!"Edit

When night club entertainer Eddie Johnson gets into a car wreck, everyone is sure that he died in the crash, but miraculously he survived.... Or so it appears at first. After being examined by a doctor it's concluded that he has no heartbeat or pulse. Telling Johnson that he's dead, they try to apprehend him and perform an autopsy and bury him in the ground. However, Johnson flees, but is later captured by the authorities and taken before a court of law. After a landslide of evidence proving that he is legally dead, he is ordered by the court to be buried in the ground, much to his horror. Suddenly, he is shaken awake from his dream by a police officer, and finds himself back at the wreck, alive and well glad that it was all just some crazy dream.

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  • Lucy

Synopsis for "Jilimbi's Word"Edit

In revenge for having his hut burned down and being horribly burned due to the machinations of a white plantation owner named Banning, Voodoo master Jilimbi resurrects an army of zombies to get revenge on Banning by attacking his home. Alone with his wife, Banning is the only one who can defend his plantation and lover from the zombie attack. While he succeeds in destroying the zombies, his wife is put into a state of shock and is in a catatonic state for the rest of her life.

When she eventually dies, Banning decides to go to Jilimbi to beg the voodoo priest to bring his wife back from the dead. Jilimbi tells Banning that if he would do so, she would be in the same state she was prior to her death, and that the only way Banning could possibly be reunited with his wife again would be through death. Giving Banning a pistol, the heart broken lover shoots himself in the head. Jilimbi gets his final jest by reviving Banning's wife just as he commits suicide.

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