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Quote1 You're the greatest -- most wonderful man I've ever known. (I'll pretend to kiss you goodbye! As soon as I touch you -- drop to the floor!) Quote2
-- Agent 13

Appearing in "The Golden Gladiator and the Giant!"Edit

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Previous Jasper Sitwell Next Empty (not named)
  • Half-Face's wife (Only in flashback)
  • Half-Face's son (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for "The Golden Gladiator and the Giant!"Edit

Continued from last issue... Iron Man has come to Viet Nam to stop the Communist scientist known as Half-Face. Storming his castle, he has found that Half-Face has just finished reviving the Titanium Man, repairing his armor and altering his body so that he is bigger than ever before. Watching as Titanium Man has Iron Man on the run, Half-Face reflects on his past: How he was a simple scientist who was devoted to his country and neglected the needs of his wife and child. His life took a turn when a chemical explosion injured him and forced him to become Half-Face, he since left his past life behind. While Iron Man is continually pounded by the Titanium Man, back in the states, a mysterious visitor comes to Stark Industries and asks to see Tony Stark. Back in Viet Nam, Titanium Man has managed to defeat Iron Man, and so Half-Face orders him to destroy a near-by village that has been sympathetic to the US forces in Viet Nam as a propaganda victory for his masters... This story is continued next issue.

Appearing in "Into the Jaws of... A.I.M.!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:



  • AIM's Submersible Floating Base


Synopsis for "Into the Jaws of... A.I.M.!"Edit

Continued from last issue... Because he blew a covert SHIELD Operation, Captain America must now travel to a secret AIM submarine in the ocean in order to save Agent 13, who was posing as a double agent attempting to earn the trust of AIM. However, he is detected and easily captured. When he is revived, Agent 13 manages to trick the AIM soldiers to let her give him one last kiss before executing him, and she uses a device to free him instead. Fighting off the AIM soldiers the two rush to find Captain America's shield, which AIM has stolen to find out it's composition. AIM's mysterious leader, Modok, orders the two champions to be killed after they managed to get Cap's shield back. During the fight, Captain America is hit from behind from a paralyzer ray, and so Agent-13 allows herself to be captured telling them that SHIELD knows about Modok. AIM then sends Agent-13 down to Modok, while they find Captain America's immobilized body and prepare to execute him.. This story is continued next issue.

  • This issue contains a letters page, Mails of Suspense.. Letters are published from Tim Sloper, Walt Simonson, and Deane Blakeney.

  • No trivia.

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