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Quote1 A weapon is only as potent as the man who uses it... and the creed he lives by! And in that respect, Mister, you're a real washout! Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Crisis -- At the Earth's Core!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Crisis -- At the Earth's Core!"Edit

Tony Stark is testing a brand new atomic powered earth-boring device, however the tests of such a device begins to anger nearby citizens who believe Stark's inventions will eventually destroy everybody. Donning his Iron Man armor to test the new device, an earthquake causes a nearby building to collapse at the same time. People soon believe that Stark's invention was the cause, and as a result people begin protesting, and a number of petty crooks decide it may be in their benefit to steal the device.

Breaking into Stark's lab, they end up in a battle with Iron Man, who easily knocks them out, however just as he's finished the entire Stark Industries factory also falls to through the Earth. Climbing out of the building which is mostly intact, Iron Man discovers that the Mole Man and his Moloids were the cause. Upon being discovered, Mole Man fires a missile at Iron Man which causes a cave-in in the underground cavern.. This story is continued next issue.

Appearing in "Wanted: Captain America!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Wanted: Captain America!"Edit

A crook named the Peerless Planner begins a series of heists in a Captain America costume in order to not only turn public opinion against Cap, but also pressure him into coming after the Planner in the hopes that the Planner can defeat Captain America and steal his shield, which the Planner still believes has a number of devices built into it.

Sure enough, after committing enough heists, Captain America comes out of hiding and tracks down the Planner, chasing him to his base, beating his thugs, and the Planner himself. After revealing that he removed the special devices from his shield a long time ago, Captain America knocks out the Planner and turns him over to the police, clearing his name.

  • For the Captain America story, this is the second time a crook makes trouble just for the purpose of taking Cap's shield under the assumption that Cap is using the transistors Iron Man put in his shield, only to find out after he's beaten that they were removed a long time ago (the first time, a couple of months maximum, but in this story, a good 3-4 years!). The first was in Tales of Suspense #62 with the Deacon.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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