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Quote1 You made the same mistake all tyrants and bullies make! You thought you'd just have to flex your muscles and show your strength, and your enemies would fall by the wayside! Quote2
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "What Price Victory?"Edit

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Synopsis for "What Price Victory?"Edit

Continuing from last issue... Happy Hogan has been critically injured bringing a new component for Iron Man's armor to the battle field where the Golden Avenger is battling the Titanium Man. Iron Man quickly uses his boosted strength and abilities to fight the Titanium Man head on. Iron Man manages to overpower the Titanium Man and easily win the match between the two, returning to the nearby crowd as the victor.

Learning that Happy is still alive and was taken to a nearby hospital, Iron Man returns to his hotel room to recharge himself and change back into Tony Stark. Arriving at the hospital, Tony comforts Pepper, which angers the Countess who storms off vowing to get back at Stark.

Meanwhile, Tony has to push back his feelings for Pepper leaving both thinking they can never express their feelings for one another.

Appearing in "... When You Lie Down With Dogs...!"Edit

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Synopsis for "... When You Lie Down With Dogs...!"Edit

Quote1 In a war, Bucky, many people suffer! It isn't necessary to be in the armed be a casualty! Quote2
--Captain America

Continued from last issue... Captain America, Bucky, Celia & Dr. Rawlings are prisoners of an army of Nazis that are planning to launch a V-2 rocket on British soil from within Greymoore Castle, targeted at London in hopes of destroying the Allies leader.

Being taken to their cells, Captain America and Bucky manage to break free and rescue Celia. The three go to rescue her brother, Dr. Rawlings, who helped the Nazis and now has become their prisoner as well because he had served their purpose. However, in freeing Rawlings, his sister inhales a lethal dose of gas and dies.

When stopping the Nazi leader from launching the rocket, Rawlings sacrifices his life to stop the Nazis, and Greymoore Castle is destroyed as well. Meanwhile back in France, the attack on Nazi forces there were turned back by Sgt. Duffy's squad, even though they believed that Steve Rogers had deserted them.

  • This issue features a letters page, Mails of Suspense. Letters are published from Robert matthews, Ian Forrest, Louis J. Della Fiore, Joe Hartlaub, and William Peters. The bottom of the letters page features a mail-in advertisment for the Mighty Marvel Marching Society (M.M.M.S.).

  • Last issue, Steve Rogers deserted his Ranger unit in France to rescue Bucky Barnes and combat the sinister plot at Greymoor Castle. The issue of his desertion under fire is never clearly resolved as this series returns to modern day tales for our Star Spangled Avenger next issue. However, in next issue, Captain America, telling the story of Dr. Rawlings to the Avengers, suggests that Private Rogers was helped by high-ranking Army Intelligence officers who were privy to his secret identity.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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