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Quote1 What cruel trick of fate is this?? I'm one of the strongest, most powerful, most feared humans on the face of the Earth! There is nothing I cannot accomplish... nothing I would not dare! And yet, I haven't the courage to remove my iron armor... I don't dare gamble with my damaged heart! Quote2
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "Suspected of Murder!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Suspected of Murder!"Edit

Following the events of last issue where Iron Man fought the Black Knight, Tony Stark has resolved the best way to prevent a chest plate malfunction is to wear his armor full time, however his co-workers Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan distrust Iron Man and suspect foul play and call the police. Preparing for this contingency, Iron Man prepares a letter from "Stark" giving Iron Man control of Stark International while he is away on a "secret government mission."
Reports of Stark's "disappearance" travel to the Black Widow who convinces Hawkeye to go and raid Stark's factory once more. While Hawkeye is on this mission he takes Pepper Potts hostage, and when the Avengers alert Iron Man of the situation, the hero flies to the rescue.

As Hawkeye and Iron Man battle each other, Black Widow's Communist employers show up and take her away. Iron Man easily overpowers Hawkeye, however, the masked bowman manages to make his escape little knowing that his lover has been taken back behind the Iron Curtain.

Back at Stark Enterprises, authorities try to stop Iron Man from leaving the scene, but Pepper talks them out of it because he saved her life.

Appearing in "The Army of Assassins Strikes!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Army of Assassins Strikes!"Edit

In South America, Baron Zemo has his newly gathered Army of Assassins fight a fake Captain America for one final test before sending them to battle against the real one.

While in the United States, Captain America and Rick Jones are on site for Cap to put on a private exhibition of Cap's athletic prowess to encourage young people to be physically fit. Although they planned to mock a battle, the actors helping Cap have been replaced by the Baron's Army of Assassins who attack Cap.

With the help of Rick Jones, Cap manages to fight off the Army of Assassins as soon as the police show up. Later, Baron Zemo checks in with his video screen to see if his Assassin's have defeated Cap. But as soon as he turns his TV on, he sees Cap telling Zemo that Zemo has failed and that he's a coward for not battling him face-to-face. Angered by Cap's taunts, Zemo blasts the screen. With the Assassins taken away by the authorities, Cap vows to Rick that he will someday stop Baron Zemo.

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