Quote1 I'm sick of being Iron Man! Sick of having to wear an electronic chest plate 24 hours a day! Sick of living on borrowed time... Never knowing which moment will be my last! Quote2
-- Iron Man

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Lamenting about the state of his life, Iron Man trashes his lab in a fit of rage. He decides to stop being Iron Man and to spend what's left of his life focused on his millonaire playboy lifestyle. Tony starts arranging a date when the Avengers call Stark Industries looking for Iron Man to deal with a new threat that they were too busy to handle. However, Stark simply tells them that Iron Man was sent away for "a long vacation."

This threat was a new villain named the Unicorn, who attacked Stark Industries a moment after the Avengers had called. Meanwhile, Tony Stark is out on a date with a girl named Pamela. The Unicorn starts wrecking havoc on the plant, and in light of both Iron Man's and Stark's absence, Happy Hogan tries to fight off the villain. The villain proves to be a strong opponent, and fatally beats Happy up. Pepper tries to call for help, but the Unicorn had ripped out the phone cables. Once he knocks out Happy, the Unicorn hears Pepper's scream, and kidnaps her, hoping that would lure Iron Man to him.

After the villain escaped, Happy is hospitalized. After finally being reached out to, Tony Stark is notified of the events that transpired and quickly leaves to the hospital, but Happy can't have visitors. Meanwhile, the Unicorn has taken Pepper to a private estate on the shore of Long Island, and tells her his origin.

The Unicorn has trained for years behind the Iron Courtain, mastering a costume with a power horn that had been built by the original Crimson Dynamo before his defection. The horn allows the Unicorn to repel objects with ease, project energy rays, and even shield himself from harm's way.

Back in Stark Industries, Tony Stark is scolding himself for having being so selfish. He suit up with his Iron Man armor and uses a black light add-on to track down the Unicorn's energy signature to his hideout. He crashes through the house's wall and confronts the Unicorn. Before the villain can activate his power horn, he's dive-kicked by Iron Man. But as soon as he recovers himself, the Unicorn strikes back with his bolt-ray. Using his own ray, Iron Man manages to knock out the Unicorn and flee with Pepper.

Iron Man doesn't suspect that the Unicorn has his own jet-assisted flight, and follows him to Stark Industries. Once the villain gets to the factory, he places a time-bomb with enough charge to blow up the entire plant. The Unicorn subsequently calls out Iron Man, and informs him of the bomb that would go off in fifteen minutes, and the only way for Iron Man to prevent that would be to surrender himself and let the Unicorn take him to the Soviet Union. Iron Man tries to find the bomb using his suit's sensors, but there's too much background noise to let him track it down. Tony decides that he can't jeopardize the lives of Pepper and the other employees, and decides to surrender with only sixty seconds left. The Unicorn recovers the explosive and disarms it.

Minutes later, the Unicorn brings to a plane, and they take off to their destination. When the Unicorn gloats that he has defeated Iron Man by making him keep a promise that he can't break, the Golden Avenger reminds him that his promise only involved surrending and letting the Unicorn take him on a plane bound for his homeland, whatever happened after that was not arranged. Iron Man starts torning up the plane, causing it to plummet into the ground. Iron Man only manages to catch a glance at the three Soviet agents that have jumped down the plane, and wonders if the Unicorn had taken off and disguised himself as one of his assistants. The villain had instead escaped using his flight ability that Iron Man was unaware of.

The next day, after the Soviet agents had been imprisoned, Tony arrives to Stark Industries and is informed by Pepper that Happy is off the critical list. They go visit him, and Pepper shows herself particularly attentive towards Happy. Tony wonders whether she has grown fond of him, or if she's trying to make him jealous. Tony ultimately concludes that Pepper is better off with Happy, considering that he himself can't lead a normal life.

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While the Watcher is watching a far away planet split in to two, he is distracted by a new crisis, a deadly battle in another galaxy. He observes the battle and notes the bravery and beauty of that location's queen, Queen Kathlea. He instantly falls in love. As she is about to be killed, he appears and while he doesn't act, his mere appearance frightens away the opposing soldiers, and thus he is able to save the queen without breaking his vow never to interfere. The Queen feels the same way about the Watcher as he feels about her, but the Watcher is not allowed to partake in normal relationships, so he says some very hurtful things to the Queen, in order to make her hate him, reasoning that it would be better for her to feel hatred than to feel unrequited love which he will feel forever. Ironically, the Human Torch is at that moment flipping through an old FF scrapbook and thinking that the Watcher must have it made.

  • Iron Man story (Sequence I) is Job #X-716
  • Sequence II is a one page text piece: "Pouf" (G-542). This concludes the story "The Atomizer" which began last issue: Tales of Suspense #55.
  • Sequence III story is --"The Watcher"-- Job #X-714
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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