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Appearing in "The Insect Man"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sergeant Mason


Other Characters:

  • The Custodian



  • Isolation Capsule

Synopsis for "The Insect Man"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 24 001
A military man takes part in an experiment to determine the effects of isolation for the benefit of the moon shot effort. He is sent miles underground in a capsule with instructions to press a button when he can bear no more and the capsule will be returned to the surface. After nine days he is about to push the button when a banging is heard from the top of the capsule. He opens the hatch and is seized by a huge telepathic insect. The insect finds him curious and at first gives the man to his son to play with, but then decides dissection is in order. Unknown to the insects, the man can perceive their thoughts, and so attempts a break and succeeds in reaching the capsule and pressing the button. His superiors convince him that his tale is just a hallucination brought on by sense deprivation, but later that evening the janitor sweeps an insect hair, far larger than any found on the surface, unknowingly into the garbage.

Appearing in "Beware the Ticking Clocks!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • King Linus


  • Claidius Zemu
  • Klugari



  • Clocks


Synopsis for "Beware the Ticking Clocks!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 24 008
A king is beset by an assassin in the king's clockroom whereupon the assassin is magiked into yet another figurine upon the king's favorite timepiece.

Appearing in "Something Lurks in the Fog!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sam Farrow

Supporting Characters:

  • Hotel Manager


  • Spirits


Synopsis for "Something Lurks in the Fog!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Long Live the King!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • King Kim
  • Queen Sari


  • Prince Rujak


Synopsis for "Long Live the King!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 24 020
When a king sickens and dies, his kind widow unknowingly marries a greedy successor to the throne. Since she is suspicious of his wasteful spending, he decides to use her habit of sleep walking to do away with her by leaving the parapet window open instead of closed. She is just about to take the fatal step when a voice rings out demanding she halt and awaken. The new king is furious someone dared interrupt his scheme and whirls around with weapon drawn but is struck by the figure cloaked in darkness and suffers the fate he had intended for the queen. The queen looks in vain for her rescuer, but all she can find on the floor is a medallion, a medallion that is now missing from the portrait hanging on the wall of her former husband.

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