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Appearing in "I Entered the Dimension of Doom!"Edit

Featured Characters:




  • Trans-Dimension Machine (Only Appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "I Entered the Dimension of Doom!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 23 001
A teenager uncovers a plot of two-dimensional beings to invade Earth by posing as a construction crew to dig a hole in the street that acts as a passageway between dimensions and thwarts their designs.

Appearing in "The Creature from the Black Bog!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • John
  • Martha

Supporting Characters:



  • The Fountain of Youth

Synopsis for "The Creature from the Black Bog!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 23 012
A retired couple exploring the Everglades comes upon an alien who has been mired in the bog after landing to affect repairs and was making his way back to the ship. In exchange for their help in securing enough vines to pull him free of the bog, he removes their memories of the incident and makes them younger.

Appearing in "Going Down!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Simon Queel

Supporting Characters:

  • Luther Zoroni

Other Characters:

  • Mr Cartright


Synopsis for "Going Down!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Changling"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • John

Supporting Characters:

  • Alana


Synopsis for "The Changling"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 23 028
A teenager in the future desires to return to Earth despite scientist's warning that over thousands of years humans are no longer adapted to life on Earth. When the boy steals a rocket ship and makes the faster than light journey back to the original homeworld, he finds that the scientists were indeed correct as his rocket ship is only about an inch tall to the Earthmen.

  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

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