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Appearing in "Beware of Bruttu"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Police
  • Army



  • The Atomic Machine


  • Police cars
  • Army tank
  • Subway car

Synopsis for "Beware of Bruttu"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 22 001
A milksop scientist working on an experimental machine is thinking of a comic book monster when an accidental discharge of energy transforms him into the creature's likeness. He goes on an unintended rampage through town because he can no longer speak and communicate his non-hostile intentions, the military authorities attack and drive him into the woods. While approaching a small house he gets the idea that he can write with an object, but the owner drives him away with a rifle. He loves his research assistant and, coming to the realization that the army will eventually destroy him, resolves to see her one last time. He approaches her home and uses a rake to write in the ground he means no harm, but since the scientist disappeared when the monster appeared, the woman jumps to the conclusion that he "has killed the man I loved." Since he realizes now what a fool he has been for wanting to be big and strong since the woman he loved loved him as the way he was, he returns to the atomic machine and bathes in its rays once more thinking of the man he had been. He changes back and embraces the woman. Stan was such a big softy.

Appearing in "Only One is Human!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • The Captain

Supporting Characters:

  • Robert Brown


  • Martians
    • The False Robert Brown

Other Characters:

  • John Baxter
  • Henry Sloan
  • Fred Winthrop



  • Glass Dome

Synopsis for "Only One is Human!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Anatomy of a Nightmare!"Edit

Tales of Suspense 22 (Anatomy of A Nightmare)

Featured Characters:

  • Writer

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Alien Race


Synopsis for "The Anatomy of a Nightmare!"Edit

A nameless writer takes drugs before bedtime in order to come up with a new type of fantasy story for his tyrannical boss, but all he dreams of his own "dull, ordinary world."

  • No trivia.

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