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Appearing in "Beware of Googam, Son of Goom!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Mark Langley

Supporting Characters:

  • Billy Langley
  • Helen Langely


Other Characters:

  • Luke Perkwhistle
  • Sara Perkwhistle


Synopsis for "Beware of Googam, Son of Goom!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 17 001
Goom leaves an offspring in a cave to menace the family of the scientist who was responsible for his defeat. Googam is defeated when the scientist's son challenges him to a game of tag and runs off towards a pool of quicksand and then climbs a tree. When Googam sees the quicksand he mistakenly assumes that it is only mud since the boy must have run across it. Googam only sees the boy hiding in the tree as he sinks into the quicksand.

Appearing in "There is Something Strange about Mr. Jones"Edit

Featured Characters:


  • Freddy Sykes

Other Characters:

  • Charwoman
  • Police


  • Davey Jones' Locker

Synopsis for "There is Something Strange about Mr. Jones"Edit

A petty thief learns that the mysterious Mr Jones keeps a fabulous fortune in his locker, and tries to force him into giving it up. But no mortal man ever returns after seeing Davey Jones's locker...

Appearing in "What Lurks in the Mountain?"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Lama of the Sun Village

Supporting Characters:

  • Unnamed Alien Race


  • Communist Warlord

Other Characters:

  • Communist Forces


  • Spaceship

Synopsis for "What Lurks in the Mountain?"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 17 021
A communist general demands that the lama tell him of the alien space ship that has landed for repairs. At first the lama refuses to allow the aliens to be conquered by the communists, but he relents after the general threatens to execute all the peasants. The soldiers march off to the mountain the lama has indicated, but after a fruitless search they conclude the lama must have been lying. Suddenly, the mountain begins to shake violently and the soldiers realize too late as it blasts off that the mountain was the space ship.

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