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Appearing in "Goom! The Thing from Planet X!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Mark Langley


  • Goom (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Helen Langley (Mark's wife)
  • Aliens from Planet X




Synopsis for "Goom! The Thing from Planet X!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 15 001
The scientist hero of this story gives the same speech at the end as Reed Richards does in Fantastic Four Vol 1 24. After attracting the hostile attention of Goom of Planet X, he realizes that any civilization possessing such advanced technology must be benevolent and that his radar transmissions must have been intercepted by a criminal. He rebroadcasts to Planet X, and the Earth officials plan to execute him as a traitor for summoning a full invasion fleet from Planet X, when the representatives from Planet X arrive and stop the execution and take Goom into their custody and leave the planet.

Appearing in "I Am the Living Ghost!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Suits of Armour


  • Intruder

Other Characters:


  • Blackhorn Castle

Synopsis for "I Am the Living Ghost!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 15 015
A man enters a castle determined to prove that there are no ghosts, but the events he experiences convince him that the castle is haunted, and so he flees. It turns out that the castle does not contain any ghosts, but is possessed by animated suits of armor and living stone gargoyles.

Appearing in "Moomboo!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Witch Doctor

Supporting Characters:

  • Moomboo


Synopsis for "Moomboo!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

  • No trivia.

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