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Synopsis for "I Created the Colossus"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 14 001
Boris Petrovsky sculpts a Colossus as a monument for the Soviet Union. He has completed the statue and is awaiting the apparatchik who will give it the Party's approval. One night a UFO crashes near his home, and Petrovsky finds a crustaceanoid from the world of Kigor. To survive on Earth, it transfers its consciousness into the hundred-foot statue. Somehow it can make the statue move, and the Kigor (possibly still in pain) goes on a rampage in Moscow. The Red Army fails to stop it. Only when another Kigor ship arrives and rescues the first one does the statue stop.

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  • Comic Book

Synopsis for "I am Gorak!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 14 020
A master illusionist performs to the world showing his awesome powers and then breaks the fourth wall to address the reader directly with a threat that the reader will disappear now that Gorak has stopped thinking of him/her.Gorak fades away instead, surprised, as the last panel shows the comic book has been set down now the story has reached its end.

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