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Appearing in "I Alone Know the Dread Secret of Gor-Kill, the Living Demon!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Hans Grubnik



Synopsis for "I Alone Know the Dread Secret of Gor-Kill, the Living Demon!"Edit

A gaseous alien comes down to Earth and inhabits a dam of water to harass local villagers. The village loafer realizes that the alien is using the water in the dam to corporealize itself, and steals dynamite in order blow up the pass before the alien can reach the sea. The loafer succeeds, but is imprisoned for stealing the dynamite.

Appearing in "I Must Find Those Who Lurk Below!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Pierre


  • Kragnok

Other Characters:

  • Underground Dwellers (Potentially Moloids)



  • Drill

Synopsis for "I Must Find Those Who Lurk Below!"Edit

Tales of Suspense Vol 1 12 007
A sadistic jailer buys a book detailing an alien civilization that has retreated below the Earth, in order to avoid surface climate change, to torment his prisoner with false hope of escape. The prisoner finds the book and believes the story, and later he finds a working digger to bring him down to the aliens below, who welcome him. The astonished jailer spends the rest of his

life unsuccessfully attempting to locate another working digger.

Appearing in "The Monster In My Cellar!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Writer


Other Characters:

  • Editor


Synopsis for "The Monster In My Cellar!"Edit

A writer creates a story involving a monstrous lizard who comes to life in his cellar, he struggles against the creature who mysteriously disappears.

Appearing in "I Met the Thing on Midnight Island!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Rick Jordan

Supporting Characters:

  • Ape-Man


  • Midnight Island

Synopsis for "I Met the Thing on Midnight Island!"Edit

A sailor discovers a a note in a bottle about a person trapped on Midnight Island. He goes to the island but is chased away by an ape creature. After trying different ways to get on the island he discovers that the Ape Man is an alien and was the person who sent out the note.

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