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Tales of Suspense Vol 1 89


Tales of Suspense Vol 1 89

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Quote1 I always did think gratitude is for the birds! Quote2
-- Melter

Appearing in "The Monstrous Menace of the Mysterious Melter!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Previous Melter Next Empty
  • Benny (First appearance), the Melter's cell-mate

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The Monstrous Menace of the Mysterious Melter!"Edit

While rebuilding the Stark Industries building, there is an on site accident that almost kills Pepper and Happy if not for the intervention of Tony Stark. However, afterward, Pepper seeks Happy for comfort, convincing Tony that she has finally chosen who she cares for more, and so resumes the lifestyle of a millionaire playboy in order to forget about her.

Meanwhile, at a nearby prison, the criminal known as the Melter has built a new melting gun with the aid of a fellow inmate in order to escape. When the weapon works, the Melter turns on his companion and escapes by himself. Donning a new costume, the Melter goes to Stark Industries in an attempt to force Tony Stark to build a new melting gun that operates on his miniaturized transistors.

There the Melter battles Iron Man, a fight which Iron Man is about to win when the Melter puts a number of Stark employees in danger, forcing Iron Man to stop the fight to save them. Figuring that the best way to stop the Melter is in his civilian guise, Iron Man rushes ahead of the Melter and changes back to Tony Stark. There the Melter finds him and forces him to begin building a melting gun.. This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "Back From the Dead!"Edit

Featured Characters:


  • Previous Empty Red Skull Next Empty (Flashback and main story)
  • Red Skull's armored robot
  • Bucky Barnes (Robot) (Destroyed)



Synopsis for "Back From the Dead!"Edit

Quote1 And now, farewell! Mine is the last face you shall ever see--my voice is the last you shall ever hear! Quote2
--Red Skull

Last issue, Captain America answered a distress call to Sea Gull Isle from somebody who appeared to be his old partner Bucky, after fighting the Swordsman and Powerman he was revealed who had hired them: The Red Skull.

Shocked over the Skull's apparent resurrection, the Skull explains that during their last encounter, although he lost contact with the Cosmic Cube, and unable to find it at the oceans floor, he willed it to provide him with enough oxygen to get out of his armor and swim to the surface, where he then went to Sea Gull Isle, which was a secret Nazi hideout built by Hitler during the war.

Wanting to savor Cap's destruction, he puts the hero in a arena where he is forced to fight robots and various other traps until he is confronted by Bucky himself. Fighting, Cap easily defeats "Bucky" who turns out to be just a robot created by the Red Skull. Before Cap can do anything, the Red Skull initiates walls that close in, threatening to crush Captain America.

This story is continued next issue...

  • This issue features a letters page, Mails of Suspense. Letters are published from Bill Bell, Frnak Kessler, John Murphy, and Rocky Karlage.

  • No trivia.

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