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Quote1 I'll take the boss's fastest car. Tony Stark won't mind! He's probably night-clubbing somewhere -- with some wealthy glamour girl! How can he be so cold-blooded -- so unfeeling? Has he no heart? Why is he never even here when he's needed? And, most important of all -- how could I have ever thought -- that I loved him? Quote2
-- Pepper Potts

Appearing in "If This Guilt Be Mine--!"Edit

Featured Character(s):

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "If This Guilt Be Mine--!"Edit

Continued from last issue... Iron Man has been left for dead in an ancient castle by the Black Knight who lured the Golden Avenger there by kidnapping his friend Happy Hogan who had been getting treatment for a critical injury caused by the Titanium Man. With no option left, Iron Man attempts to contact somebody in his lab, reaching Pepper Potts who is looking for her boss Tony Stark following an confrontation with Senator Byrd over the revelation of Iron Man's secrets to a Senate committee.

Coming to rescue Iron Man, she drives him back to Stark's lab where the iron hero recharges his batteries before snubbing Senator Byrd on the phone and flying off to retrieve Happy from the castle. Returning him to the hospital, Iron Man loans a device called the Enervation Intensifier to treat Happy's injuries.

Instead of just healing him, the device changes him into a monstrous creature which is dubbed "The Freak", and goes on a rampage through the hospital, all the way to a power station. Iron Man tracks the monster there, vowing to stop his friend even though his power is once again low.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "The Final Sleep"Edit

Featured Character(s):

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • General Logan (First appearance)



Synopsis for "The Final Sleep"Edit

Quote1 You! Did you blow your stack, man? If you wanted to see me, why didn't you say so? Quote2
--General Logan

Continued from last issue... Captain America has been attempting to stop two Sleeper robots from reaching a third Sleeper that has just been activated. Along the way he was forced to jump off the flying Sleepers when they came under the attack by NATO air planes.

At the NATO base, Cap explains his situation and is released by General Logan, and Cap begins working with NATO to try and find a way to destroy the robots. Meanwhile, the Sleepers have found their third counterpart: a giant head in the shape of the Red Skull.

With this final device, it plots a course to the North Pole where it is programmed to fire a blast deep into the planets core and cause the entire Earth to explode. Being flown to the spot, Cap is dropped down on the third Sleeper with a flame thrower which he uses to damage the device causing it to crash into the ocean and explode, saving the world from destruction.

  • This issue contains a letters page, Mails of Suspense. Letters are published from Mike DeLong, H. Doyle Abernathy, John McCallisteo, and William P. Graham.

  • No trivia.

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