Quote1 Now I'd better get back to the factory before everyone realizes how well they can all get along without me! Quote2
-- Iron Man

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While testing an underwater breathing apparatus, Iron Man drives killer sharks out into the ocean. Once he finishes, he decides to return to Stark Industries. Right below his flying path, Kraven the Hunter and the Chameleon were smuggling themselves back into the country. When they reach the coast, Kraven begins crawling up a cliff when he's spotted by Iron Man and easily defeated. However, Chameleon goes unnoticed and decides to take this as a chance to prove himself superior to Kraven by defeating Iron Man.

Inside Stark Industries, Happy shows off his new horrendously flashy plaid jacket to Pepper, but he's met with criticism and sacrastic remarks. A heavily wounded Captain America breaks into the building, demanding to see Iron Man. When Shellhead checks on Cap, he's told that while he was walking down the street, Captain America was lured to a building and captured by the Chameleon posing as an old man. Using an "electronic thought-transference machine" the Chameleon, the villain had acquired Cap's memories and would impersonate him. Cap had been able to recover from the procedure and escape.

However, as soon as Iron Man leaves to find the Chameleon, the wounded Captain America smirks, and tells to himself that his plan had worked. The Golden Avenger reaches the Avengers Mansion and comes acros the real Captain America, but Tony attacks him believing him to be the Chameleon. Cap runs away from his friend, while trying to reason with him to no avail. After being forcing Captain America to fight and hit him, Iron Man buckles rather easily, Tony recalls that he hadn't had the opportunity to recharge his chest device and that's why he was weak. Iron Man decides to flee in order to recharge, and Captain America simply brush off the confrontation, thinking that it must've been some sort of prank.

A few minutes later, Happy goes to check on "Captain America" and fins him gone, so Pepper decides to alert Iron Man. However, Tony is recharging and can't answer the call. Because of that, Pepper decides to find Iron Man herself. When Happy and Pepper borrow one of Stark's car, they discover a device that acted as a tracer to lead them to Iron Man.

While he's walking down the street wondering about Iron Man's behavior, Captain America is spotted by the now fully-charged Golden Avenger, forcing him to hide in a factory, where he encounters a sentry that initially shoots at him before recognizing his childhood hero. Iron Man breaks through the window and confronts Captain America, still believing him to be the Chameleon. Cap activates a trapdoor below Iron Man, making him fall through a tunnel with gravel. Iron Man escapes from the gravel machine into a room with giant cement mixers just at the moment Pepper and Happy arrive to the factory. Their vision is impaired by the cement dust, and Happy blindly walks towards the edge of the gravel pit. Cap grabs Happy's wrist as he's falling to save him, making Iron Man wonder if he's the Chameleon. Before anything can be cleared up, Pepper falls into a sand pit and is rescued by Iron Man, but not before Happy accidentally leans on a water valve and drenches her.

A steam shovel suddenly threatens Happy and Pepper, but Iron Man easily stops and destroys it with one punch. He wonders how could a shovel move by itself, and Giant-Man appears on the scene showing him its operator, a Captain America. As soon as Giant-Man puts him down, the Chameleon is unmasked, clearing up Iron Man's confusion.

The Wasp explains that ants were witnessing the fight between Captain America and Iron Man, and Giant-Man picked up their tone with his cybernetic impulse. When they arrived to the scene, they discovered the Chameleon watching the fight from above through a skylight. The police arrive shortly after and the Chameleon is apprehended. Wasp comments on Pepper's wet and ruined hairdo, and she storms out of the scene angry at Happy. Iron Man and Captain America shake it off, but Tony later scolds himself for being fooled by the Chameleon so easily.

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An alien warlord attacks the Watcher, and is instantly destroyed by accelerated aging.

  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

  • Captain America moves into this title as a regular co-feature, to the point that Tales of Suspense is renamed Captain America in its issue #100. With the rename, Iron Man's adventures move to his own series, Iron Man, which start with an issue #1. Both heroes will continue to have long running series for decades in their own respective titles.

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