Giant-Size Defenders Vol 1 3 page 11 Takkor
Takkor was a flying horse-like creature hailing from an unknown world. He was able to speak telepathically through his rider, a red, four-armed, skeletal being. He proclaimed himself to be "He who cannot die" during a battle against the Valkyrie and Nighthawk when he was a pawn of the Prime Mover during his contest with the Grandmaster. The Valkyrie chopped off the head of the rider, but Takkor merely replaced it. After a time, Valkyrie realized that it was the steed which was truly Takkor, and impaled him. Both he and his rider apparently plummeted to their deaths in the cliffs below. [1]


Takkor possessed wings and was able to fly. Takkor was also able to communicate telepathically through his rider. The rider had four arms and seemed impervious to harm.


Takkor's rider wielded a sword, mace, axe and shield.

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