Tabur is an artificially evolved humanoid cat created by the scientist called the High Evolutionary . When war broke out on Mount Wundagore, Tabur fled. When the New Men left Earth, Tabur stayed behind as he wasn't present in the city at the time. The Cat People took Tabur in and tried to treat him as one of their own but always felt as a outcast.

A scientist Dr. Leon created a ray-gun that could turn Tigra back to a human, Tabur stole it and modified the gun to turn normal cats into New Men. Tabur planned to rid the Earth of humans so that the Cat People could rule it. Tigra with help of the Cat People stopped Tabur and used the ray to revert him back to a normal cat. The effects of the ray were not permenant and Tabur became his evolved self once again. Tabur then tried to find the Cat People but had all died. After that bad news he tried to find the hidden city of Cat People. Tabur found a way there and killed their king and proclaimed himself as ruler. He took the title Balkatar, so when magician conjure a summoning, he would be the one to hear . Agatha Harkness called to him and and on his visit, he witnessed Tigra in a more animal form.

Tabur found a way to change Tigra back to her humanoid form. He did this as he wanted to mate with Tigra and legitimize his rule. Tigra of course refused his offer and they started to battle. Agatha Harkness casts a spell during the battle, which transferred the dominant cat soul from Tigra to Tabur, changing him to a ordinary cat .

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