"Paul Scheer & Brian Michael Bendis!"

THWIP! The Big Marvel Show Season 1 4
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"Paul Scheer & Brian Michael Bendis!"

Quote1 Don't quote me, but it is the greatest comic book ever made by human people. Quote2
-- Brian Michael Bendis

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Synopsis for "Paul Scheer & Brian Michael Bendis!"

The show begins with hosts Lorraine Cink and Ryan Penagos doing the Marvel Trending segment where they discuss current news related to Marvel. In this episode they talk about the Super Heroes Half Marathon, the new cast announcements for Thor: Ragnarok, and they exclusively reveal that Kate Bishop will be included in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

The show then transitions to the Comic Book Pick of the Week segment where the two hosts interview writer Brian Michael Bendis about Civil War II #1, a comic he is excited about. The hosts quickly move to introduce a new section of the show called Cosmic Challenge where Ryan and Lorraine give a guest, in this case Paul Scheer, two minutes to name the identity of ten cosmic Marvel characters. Paul Scheer gets a "point" if he names a character correctly, or comes up with an original name that makes everyone laugh.

The show wraps up with the Social Hour segment where the two hosts respond to comments from Twitter and YouTube and display the results of a poll they posted to Twitter. Lorraine also calls the Thanos oven mitt she is wearing the "Love Glove", a name that sticks with the glove in all the episodes it appears in after.


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