Through the magic of King Solomon's Frogs, this Black Panther was apparently transported back in time. Apparently a future version of King T'Challa, this Panther had an uncharacteristically exuberant outlook on life, influenced in part by the aneurysm that was slowly killing him.

Placed in suspended animation for a time until a cure could be found, the second Panther was released and temporarily stabilized by Nightshade.[1]

Ultimately, however, the Panther succumbed to his malady, seemingly condemning his younger self to that same fate, for the present Panther had also suffered the same aneurysm. He was returned to stasis until he a cure could be found. However, Map-Ape appeared and smashed his stasis tube, killing him.[2]


Seemingly those of Black Panther of Earth-616


Panther Habit

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