T'Chaka was the king of Wakanda and Black Panther. T'Chaka is son of Azzari the Wise and father to the current Black Panther, T'Challa.

The King had welcomed back the then Prince T'Challa to citizens of Wakanda, while the crowd cheered in approval the chief elders looked upon with disdain for the prince, who stated that they 'hate him', his father reassuringly put his arm around him and said to give it time. The celebration was cut short when some Wakandan warriors burst through the jungle to warn the others about the approaching enemy, the Chitauri. T'Chaka quickly retreated into the palace to dawn his Black Panther armor, much to his son's concern.

T'Chaka donned his Black Panther attire and set out to fight the Chitauri that stalked the forest. However a sneak attack by Herr Kleiser took him by surprise, he was stabbed repeatedly until T'Challa (whom had followed) appeared, shocked to see his father was hurt. Kleiser moved threateningly towards the prince and boasted that the royal blood line would end in the jungle, this angered the wounded T'Chaka who morphed into a panther and slashed at Kleiser and shoved him over a cliff. While Kleiser was able to simply stand up and walk away the king lay dead.

With the funeral procession being lead by Nakinda the royal adviser and ending with T'Challa and the elders. The king was laid to rest in the tomb of kings.

T'Chaka (Earth-60808) 002

T'Chaka's civilian appearance


  • Seemingly those of T'Chaka form earth-616. This T'Chaka is able to transform into a humanoid cat-like being. In this form is more agile, stronger, faster and has better senses than a human.


  • Vibranium gauntlet with claws. Aside from being sharp the gauntlet can project the clawed nails much like darts.
  • Voiced by Dave Fennoy.
  • While the cat-like transformation most notably involved the face shifting to cat features, the purpose and appearance is similar to that of T'Chaka II (Earth-982)#Powers.

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