Sybil was a blind young woman who lived with her Aunt Mara in Cliff House, off the coast of Maine. Sybil was subjected to various magicks, unaware her "aunt" was actually one of the Dire Wraiths. She soon discovered her "aunt" had evil plans but Rom intervened and destroyed the Wraiths.[1]

Rom then cured Sybil's blindness and she joined him on adventure under the Atlantic Ocean with Namor. Namor sent to Atlantis to avoid the battle against sea creatures. While there, Sybil warned Atlantis of the impending attack by the Wraiths. The Oracle of Atlantis, one of the Wraiths, drowned Sybil. Using Atlantean technology, Namor was able to revive Sybil and infused her with Atlantean DNA, making her blue and giving her the ability to breathe underwater. While Rom departed Atlantis, Sybil stayed on as the new oracle.[2]

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