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20th Century

Switzerland 002

During the second World War Switzerland was historically known for its neutral stance during the course of the conflict. However, this did not prevent Switzerland from being involved in the conflict.

By 1941, many prominent German citizens who spoke out against the Nazi party sought refuge in the Swiss Alps. There they were eliminated by an assassin working for the Nazis, until they were exposed and stopped by reporter Jerry "Headline" Hunter.[1] Despite the country's neutral stance, in 1943 it was targeted for invasion by the Nazis who dispatched their agent Colonel Schutter to carry out the invasion. This invasion was thwarted by the Destroyer. If the authorities in Switzerland eventually learned of the invasion or not is unknown, however such knowledge did not appear to shake their neutral stance on the war[2]. After the war ended, Switzerland faced other threats. In 1946, a Swiss town in the Alps was wiped out by the Future Man and Madam Death using the Green Plague. Before they could unleash more diseases, their laboratory in the Alps was destroyed by Captain America and Bucky.[3] In 1949, mad scientist Professor Grimm built a lab in the Swiss Alps. From there he began experiments in a growth formula using a stolen baby he called Borkor. Growing the baby to massive size, he unleashed it on a nearby ski resort where the Human Torch and Sun Girl were vacationing. The pair defeated the massive baby and restored it to normal, Grimm died during the rampage.[4]

Modern Age

In an isolated Swiss chalet, Quicksilver and Scarlet read about the Avengers' offer to consider applicants as replacements, so they wrote to them in order to apply for membership.[5]

Many years later, in a Swiss Alps chalet, Nicodemus' health degenerated so quickly he caused a tremendous explosion, as witnessed by Gideon.[6]


In this reality, Tony Stark was introduced to the Kratos Club club in Zurich. [7]

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