Flag of Sweden

Flag of Sweden

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It's capital city and largest city is Stockholm.

20th Century

During World War II, Doris Horton - niece of famous American inventor Professor Phineas Horton - lived in Sweden until 1943, when she returned to the United States to deliver a list of Nazi spies attempting to smuggle themselves in to the USA.[1]

Modern Age

Like most other countries, Sweden began encountering mutants in the late 20th century. In order to quell public fears, the government instituted a strict registration and monitoring regime for its mutant population, encouraging citizens to report any suspected mutants to the authorities, which in turn drove at least one mutant Ankhi Gottberg to enlist with a clandestine organization to avoid harassment. It is unclear if these policies are still in place in the wake of M-Day.[2]

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