Not much is known about Swami Krishna, however by 1948 he had established himself as a phony medium, using special effects and actors to convince his clients that he could summon the spirits of their dead family members... for a steep fee of course.

When explorer Vincent Roberts was reported lost in the jungles of Africa, his wealthy girlfriend Alice Graham sought out the services of the Swami to learn his fate. The Swami and his actors put on a convincing illusion that convinced Alice that Vincent had died from a poisoned dart fired by an African savage. When Alice asked to talk to Vincent's spirit, the Swami agreed to do so the following day at a hefty price.

However, the Swami did not bank on the fact that Vincent and Alice were friends with the Human Torch and Toro, who suspected the Swami to be a fraud and journeyed to Africa to find Roberts before Alice was swindled of her fortune. They succeeded in finding him recovering from an illness in a tribal village and flew him back to the United States. There they subdued the Swami's actors and Vincent, posing as a spirit version of himself, denounced the Swami for "defiling" his spirit. Believing that he was being confronted by a real ghost, the Swami confessed to his entire scheme. As Alice and Vincent were reunited, the Swami attempted to escape but was swiftly apprehended by the Torch and Toro.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


The Swami was an expert con artist, he had no real ability to communicate with the dead.


The Swami used a series of smoke machines, detailed sets, props, and costumed actors to create his illusions that appeared to be images from beyond the grave or depictions of past events.

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