Early years

Suzi Pazuzu was a high school friends with Beverley Switzler.[1]

She eventually joined Cleveland police forces and became a detective.[1]

The two met up when she was investigating the destruction of the headquarters .[1] It turned out that Suzi was the chosen of the generation by the Amulet of Pazuzu, which was being sought by Kenneth Flogg who sent Doctor Bong and Ian Whippingham to kill her and retrieve the Amulet. In mid transformation she was attacked by the pair but rescued by Howard the Duck and Beverley, with the amulet being knocked off Suzi and landed on Howards wrist, transforming him instead. After Ian had been dealt with and Doctor Bong had fled, Suzi awoke to find no memory of anything that had happened and the amulet was returned to her.[2]


Amulet of Pazuzu



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