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Synopsis for "The Sinister Stone"Edit

A man finds a stone which grants wishes, but after he kills people by a storm he summoned on a whim, he feels remorse and surrenders himself to police. They take the stone but do not believe his story and they consider him a lunatic.

Appearing in "I Deal in Murder!"Edit

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Synopsis for "I Deal in Murder!"Edit

A communist spy is foiled when he discovers the robot men being assembled for the army have one of their own working the assembly line.

Appearing in "The Dark Factory"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Dark Factory"Edit

A man takes a job at a factory where his boss tells him that he is producing small black boxes containing death. He flees in terror, only to be struck by a car. When he recovers in the hospital he is horrified to see his nurse prepping medicine from a small black box and dies.

Appearing in "Frame-Up!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Frame-Up!"Edit

A woman flees gangsters after they murder an old man she had helped set up to be robbed. She boards a train that has an accident which kills and disfigures her bunk mate so she assumes the girl's identity. Unfortunately for her, the girl was the intended victim of a murder swindle and now the killers attempt to kill her. She fights them off until the police arrive and inform her that the conductor identified her as an imposter. She is relieved to be rescued even though she spends the next five years in jail for her role as an accomplice to the killing.

Appearing in "Felix the Great!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Felix the Great!"Edit

A circus animal trainer attempts to use his panther to kill his wife when she threatens to leave him, but the cat kills him instead after the wagon containing his knocked out wife has been moved.

Appearing in "The Waiting Grave"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Waiting Grave"Edit

The ghost of an old woman leads her husband to an icebox where she locks him in so that he freezes to death.

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