Around 40 years ago, Sue Storm spent her family fortune on, what some would call, a fool's quest. She and her friends Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and her brother, Johnny Storm, had made a rocket which they were going to launch from Susan's ancestral home, the Storm Ranch. All systems were green and the "Fantastic Four" were about to go into orbit when pulses of radiation penetrated the rocket's shields and battered the four with cosmic rays. Suddenly Susan turned invisible, a power given to her by the radiation. The four were heading back into the atmosphere when they discovered cosmic rays weren't the only things coming at them: Meteors. smashed through Susan's dear rocket. They hurtled towards Earth and landed in the sea. Susan, presumably unknowingly using her force fields, was the only one to survive. Drowning in the ocean she was saved by her future husband, Namor. That day the whole of the Western hemisphere of Earth was hit by a storm of meteors. Her world changed as she knew it forever...


Seemingly those of Susan Storm

She was also genetically modified to be able to breathe both underwater and in open air.[1]

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