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Early Life

Susan Storm (Earth-616) as a teenager (Before the Fantastic Four The Storms Vol 1 1)

Sue as a teenager.

Susan Storm and her brother, Johnny, lived uneventfully on Long Island until their mother, Mary Storm, died in an automobile accident. Their father, Franklin Storm, a doctor, failed to save her. Despondent, he descended into booze and gambling, eventually winding up in a penitentiary for murder.[1] The children went to live with their aunt Marygay. According to Sue's accounts, during the summer months, her Aunt Mary rented a room to Reed Richards. It was there that he first met the future love of his life, Susan Storm, Mary's niece who was much younger than he was. The girl developed an instant crush on Richards. These recollections have since been refuted.[2][3][4][note 1]

When Sue was 16, her friend Cammy Brandeis' father Harry, a professor of religious studies, was slain while examining the Amulet of Zarathos.[5] Shortly after his death, her brother Johnny came into contact with the amulet, and it bonded to him as the demon Zarathos sought to make Johnny his Spirit of Vengeance.[6] This made Johnny the target of St. Germaine who sought to claim the amulet for his master Dracula who sought the amulet to free himself. At Henry's funeral, St. Germaine and his minions went after Johnny, but he was saved thanks to Sue and Henry's brother Max Brandeis, who sought to solve the mystery surrounding his brother's death.[5] As they sought to learn the secrets behind the Amulet, they were pursued by St. Germaine and his minions still, while also being secretly pushed toward the truth by the spirit of Zarathos.[7] Since the Amulet would teleport into Johnny's possession whenever it was taken away from him, the quartet used this to their advantage to keep it away from St. Germaine. However, Sue and Cammy were cornered while trying to escape from their foe. At that point, Zarathos appeared before Johnny and told him of his intentions to make him the new Spirit of Vengeance. In order to save Sue and Cammy's lives, Johnny agreed to become the vessel for Zarathos, but before he could be possessed by the demon, Max grabbed the amulet becoming the Ghost Rider instead. As Ghost Rider, Max destroyed St. Germaine and struggled for control over Zarathos until Johnny ripped the Amulet from his make-shift motorcycle, restoring Max to normal. They then tossed the Amulet in a junkyard where they hoped it would not be found. After this adventure, Sue decided to go to Hollywood and pursue a career in acting.[6]

Reed Richards first falls in love with Sue Storm from Fantastic Four Vol 4 4

The moment Reed fell in love with Sue Storm.[8]

According to Reed, while working on his third doctorate, it was at this time that he moved into Marygay Dinkins home. Based on his accounts, this was when he first met Susan Storm, now a full-grown woman. He fell in love with her instantly and he began courting her, much to Marygay's approval.[8] During this period they were transported to the future of Earth-60166 to participate in the 40th wedding anniversary of their Earth-60166 counterparts with various future versions of themselves. They were late returned to their proper point in time with no memories of this encounter. They would be periodically plucked out of time throughout their lives in a similar fashion to attend the same party.[9] Ultimately, Reed was too distracted from his work due to his romance with Sue, and decided that the best thing for the both of them was to move out of Marygay's home.[8]

When it came time for Susan attended classes at Columbia University on a scholarship, and was under the tutelage of Reed Richards. Reed began courting Sue and eventually a relationship blossomed, as a result, .[10] Sue took to raising Johnny on her own, a task that regularly pushed her patience.[11]

Eventually, Reed and Sue were engaged and she became his fiancée. By this time, Reed had been developing a new prototype space ship with his inherited money and with partial funding from the government. This required the couple to relocate to Central City, bringing Johnny with her. One night while out on a date with Reed, the couple witnessed the arrival of an alien warrior named Gormuu who sought to conquer the Earth. As the creature grew in size and was immune to military weapons, Reed determined that the creature drew its power and size increase from its ship, and that the creature while growing in statue did not increase in mass. Reed developed a device to boost Gormuu's power intake. Not knowing why Reed was building the device, Ben and Sue assumed Reed was trying to help Gormuu and attempted to stop him, but the failed. Ultimately, Reed's invention worked: It increased Gormuu's size so much his molecules disbursed across the universe ending his threat.[12]

Birth of the Fantastic Four

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Sue Storm first turning invisible [13]

After the Gormuu incident, the military pulled funding from Reed's project and its continuation was threatened. He decided to launch the prototype, certain that the flight would succeed and attract more funding. Sue and her brother insisted on accompanying Reed and Ben in the flight. Reed had made one mistake: he failed to shield the cabin from cosmic rays, and a chance solar flare intensified the radiation. The experience gave each of them superhuman abilities, and perhaps more importantly, it forged almost unbreakable bonds between them. They became the Fantastic Four, and Storm took the name Invisible Girl.[13]

The quartet were quickly picked up by the government and were then contained in a government quarantine facility for those exposed by cosmic rays under the command of Reed's colleague General Walter Montgomery. There Reed was contacted telepathically by Professor Franz Stahl, another cosmic ray mutate who saw their transformations something that evolved them beyond humanity. Meanwhile, Sue struggled to control her powers and also provided comfort to both Ben and Johnny who were dealing with their own mutations. Later, Stahl caused another mutate, Raymond Perry to go on a rampage in the facility. [14] While the fledgling Fantastic Four stopped Perry's rampage, Stahl escaped from his cell. Having demonstrated the effectiveness of their new powers, Reed managed to convince General Montgomery into releasing the Fantastic Four and allowing them to operate freely. When a series of nuclear facilities began to vanish, Montgomery convinced his superiors to give the Fantastic Four a change to prove themselves. [15]

Early Adventures

Fantastic Four Vol 1 10 - Invisible Girl Pin-Up

Original costume.

In the early years of the Fantastic Four, Sue spent much of her time keeping the team together. Reed spent long hours in his laboratory; Grimm moped over his appearance; Johnny acted out like any teenager. After a series of earthquakes that swallowed up atomic facilities all over the world, Reed assembled the Fantastic Four and tracked the source of the Earthquakes to Monster Island, where they were captured by the so-called Mole Man who sought to conquer the surface world. The Four managed to escape and the Mole Man detonated the island, seemingly perishing in the process.[13] Their first mission was a success, but the group faced some publicity issues due to the damages caused by the group. Meanwhile, Franz Stahl continued to contact Reed to try and convince him that they were beyond normal humans. [15]

Shortly thereafter, the alien Skrull race sought to invade the Earth. Seeing the Fantastic Four as a threat to these plans, four Skrulls were sent to Earth to imitate Sue and the others and frame them for acts of treason. The Four were detained by the military but managed to break free and capture the Skrulls impersonating them. Reed then convinced their leaders not to invade Earth by showing them pictures of giant monsters clipped out of a comic book. The Skrull invasion fleet fled, and Reed hypnotized the Skrull impostors into thinking they were dairy cows.[16] Reed then set up temporary operations for the group in a warehouse along the New York City shoreline. Discovering that the cosmic rays also altered their space suits so that they could meld along with their powers. Reed decided that they should wear them as costumes until he could better examine them. The threat from the Mole Man was not yet over however as one of his creatures, Giganto attacked New York City. The Fantastic Four quickly defeated the creature which then fled out to sea, revealing themselves to the public and the press for the first time. [17]

Reed next rented out the top floors of the Baxter Building in New York City as their new headquarters. [18][19] Reed then began to examine Ben's transformation, feeling guilty over transforming his best friend into a monstrous form, Reed began investigating how to return him to human form. [20][19] However the group began to show signs of falling apart, particularly Reed's relationship with Sue, which Sue believed was taking a back seat to the establishment of the Fantastic Four. After Johnny, Ben and Sue stormed out on Reed, he was contacted once more by Stahl who was going to unleash the cosmic rays within a meteor at the decontamination facility and mutate the entire world. [19] Reed went after Stahl alone, and soon found himself caught in a telepathic conflict with his foe. Meanwhile, the other members of the group reunited and went after Reed, only to have to face an army of soldiers mutated by cosmic rays. [21] During the conflict, the Fantastic Four defeated the cosmic ray mutated soldiers, and Reed and Sue defeated Stahl in mental combat with the strength of their love for one another. With Stahl seemingly slain, all those affected by his cosmic ray bombardment were restored to normal. The Fantastic Four however only saw a temporary reversal of their powers. In the aftermath of the battle, Reed and Sue reconciled, and Reed vowed to focus on their relationship, fashioning her a ring out of a fragment of the meteor that Stahl attempted to use against the world. [22] Sue designed new costumes for the team[18] and Reed relocated them to the Baxter Building in New York, where they publicly revealed themselves at a press conference.[4] Over the next few months the Four captured a series of monsters including Fin Fang Foom, Gruto, Klagg and Googam, imprisoning them on Monster Island.[23]

Their next threat came from an illusionist calling himself Miracle Man, who used his illusion powers to not only kidnap Sue, but to also steal a new atomic tank. Reed and the others rescued Sue and defeated the Miracle Man, but their constant squabbling forcing Johnny to abruptly leave the group.[18] While Sue and the others went out looking for Johnny, her younger brother hid out in a Bowery flop house where he recognized one of the patrons as the long lost hero, Namor, the Sub-Mariner. With no memory of his past, Namor was dumped into the ocean by Johnny, restoring his memory. Namor returned to his home of Atlantis but was furious to find it decimated by atomic tests and came back to New York to seek vengeance, unleashing the massive creature known as Giganto on the city. When Ben slew Giganto, Namor attempted to use his Proteus Horn to summon another beast, but Sue grabbed it while invisible. Namor grabbed Sue forcing her to return to visibility and was instantly smitten by her. The Sub-Mariner offered Sue an ultimatum: be his bride to spare humanity, or watch it be destroyed. Sue refused and the Fantastic Four ultimately defeated Namor, casting him out into the ocean. Despite his attempt to destroy humanity, Sue began to develop feelings for the tortured monarch, creating tension between her and Reed.[24]

Soon after their encounter with Namor, Reed's old university rival Victor von Doom, now calling himself Dr. Doom, resurfaced and sought revenge against Reed. To this end, he kidnapped Sue and held her hostage in order to force Reed and the others to use his time machine to go back in time and recover Blackbeard's treasure chest which he believed contained a mystic gem once belonging to the wizard Merlin. While Reed and the others succeeded in bringing the treasure chest, they had left the actual treasure in the past. In retaliation, Doom put them in an air tight room to suffocate. Sue meanwhile broke free and used her powers of invisibility to escape Doom and free the others who forced Doom to flee.[25] By this time, Sue's teammates learned of her feelings for the Sub-Mariner causing tension within the team. At that same time, Dr. Doom sought an alliance with the Sub-Mariner and had the undersea monarch attach a magnetic device beneath the Baxter Building. Doom then betrayed Namor, trapping him inside and sending the Baxter Building hurtling into the sun. Sue convinced her teammates and Namor to stop fighting and work together, this ultimately led to Doom being defeated and left adrift in space, and the Baxter Building returned to it's rightful place, but Namor managed to escape.[26]

Also around this time, Sue had purchased a house in the town of Glenville where she and Johnny lived part time while Johnny finished high school.[27] Shortly thereafter, Kurrgo the ruler of the planet Xanth manipulated the Fantastic Four into coming to his world to save his people from being annihilated by a runaway asteroid. Reed used his scientific prowess to save the people of Xanth with a shrinking formula before they returned to Earth.[28] Johnny, in a solo mission, went up against The Wizard who was framing him for bank robberies. Johnny contacted Sue and used her to trick the Wizard into thinking he could move stuff without touching them, and the Wizard was incarcerated.[29] Reed then began trying to cure the Thing of his mutation, and when his latest attempted failed Ben ran off. Sue followed after him just as he was put under the thrall of the Puppet Master who sought to take over the world with his radioactive clay. Sue invisibly followed Ben to the Puppet Master's home, but his blind step-daughter Alicia detected Sue's presence and she was knocked out. The Puppet Master then disguised Alicia as Sue and sent both her and Ben back to the Baxter Building to deal with the Fantastic Four. Reed eventually freed Ben from the Puppet Master's control and they prevented the Puppet Master from staging a jail break and rescued Sue. In the aftermath of the battle, the Puppet Master was seemingly slain when he tripped over one of his own puppets and fell out of a window, and Ben and Alicia began dating.[30]

Eventually, the Fantastic Four went bankrupt, forcing Reed to sell off all their assets. Seeming salvation came when they were given an offer from SM Studios to star in a movie about their lives. They soon found that the studio was owned by the Sub-Mariner who pretended to be genuine in his offer, but in reality sought to slay Reed and the others in order to have Sue for himself. Sue rejected Namor's advances, and when Reed, Ben and Johnny survived the various traps set out by Namor, they defeated him in battle. Sue stopped things from getting too out of hand and convinced Namor to honour his deal. Namor agreed and the movie was completed, giving the Fantastic Four enough money to resume operations.[31] The group next encountered the novice hero known as Spider-Man who sought to join the group for monetary gain, leading to a brief clash. Spider-Man eventually left when he learned that the Fantastic Four was a non-profit organization.[32][33][34] Dr. Doom then returned from space thanks to the alien Ovoids who also taught him how to switch bodies with another person. Doom used this skill to switch bodies with Reed and tricked the Fantastic Four into capturing "Doom". "Reed" then built a shrink ray, intending to use it to shrink Sue and the others into nothingness, but Reed broke free and convinced his teammates of what happened, reversing the process and Doom was defeated once again after being caught in the path of his shrink ray and seemingly suffered the same fate he intended for his enemies.[35] Also during this period Reed met the extremely powerful hero known as the Sentry, who fought along the side the Fantastic Four against such foes as Dr. Doom, and later the Android Pirates of Dimension Nine[36] In Glenville, Sue attempted to stop Johnny from going after his foe the Wizard who had just recently broken out of jail. Johnny went after him anyway, and when Sue tried to follow she was captured along with her brother. The pair then worked together to break free and eventually apprehended the Wizard and turned him over to the authorities.[37]

On Sue's birthday, she became upset after reading some negative fan mail about her contributions to the team, but Reed and the others convinced her of her value to the group, pointing out all the times she had saved them in the recent past before throwing her a surprise birthday party. [38] Eventually, Johnny got fed up with the team and quit again after being manipulated by Acrobat into joining his Torrid Twosome. Sue and the others then stopped Johnny from being tricked into robbing a bank, and they helped apprehend the Acrobat.[39].Soon after this, New York was terrorized by an alien that Ben dubbed the Impossible Man who could assume any shape at will. The creature had come to Earth on vacation and began causing amok.[38] While trying to stop the Impossible Man, Sue and the others met Turbo a heroine from a few years in the future who was briefly trapped in the past.[40][41] Ultimately, the Fantastic Four defeated the Impossible Man by convincing the city to just ignore the alien pest, and he eventually grew bored and left Earth.[38]

The Fantastic Four were next enlisted by General Thaddeus Ross to help capture the Hulk in Nevada, who was accused of sabotaging atomic tests in the region. Sue joined her teammates in clashing with the Hulk, but ultimately uncovered the real saboteur, a communist agent calling himself the Wrecker.[42] Sue then accompanied her teammates on a rocket flight to the mysterious Blue Area of the Moon where they clashed with Russian scientist Ivan Kragoff and his Super-Apes who gained powers from exposure to cosmic rays. During this clash they also met Uatu the Watcher an alien who lived on the Moon and recorded all history on Earth, he demanded that the Fantastic Four and Red Ghost clash to see whose was the superior nation. Sue was captured once again, but she managed to break free and give the Super-Apes the food that Red Ghost was withholding from them, making them turn on their master which was instrumental in the Red Ghost's defeat, allowing them to return to Earth.[43] Upon their return to Earth, Sue decided to track down Namor to reconcile her feelings once and for all. Unknown to her, Namor was under the control of the Puppet Master, and promptly captured her after she established contact. Reed and the others tracked Namor to his lair and rescue Sue. When the Puppet Master's sub was crushed by an octopus, Namor was freed from his control and allowed the FF to leave.[44]

The FF were next manipulated into temporarily breaking up by the Mad Thinker. Through these manipulations, Sue took on a role in a science fiction film, but found it too dull compared to her adventures with the Fantastic Four. She returned to the group only to find that the Mad Thinker had taken over their headquarters, however the FF managed to retake their base of operations.[45] Shortly after this Thor was convinced to go to war against humanity by his half brother Loki. During their attack on New York City the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man attempted to stop their rampage and were slain in the process. However, when Thor regained his humanity and fought back against Loki, Odin restored all the damage and returned all the dead back to life. [46] Dr. Doom turned out to have survived their last encounter and had taken over the world of Sub-Atomica in the so-called Microverse. He shrunk the team down to his realm and attempted to destroy them, but Sue and the others managed to liberate Sub-Atomica with the assistance of Ant Man, forcing Doom to flee back to Earth.[47] There, Doom took Alicia hostage and threatened the world from his massive airship that was protected by disintigration rays that were keyed to the FF's DNA. Reed turned Ben back into human form temporarily to get him past the disintigration rays, and he let the rest of the team in. While her teammates tangled with Doom, Sue rescued Alicia and Doom fell from the ship seemingly to his death.[48] Doom survived and challenged the Fantastic Four by taking who he thought was Spider-Man hostage. However, Doom had really captured Flash Thompson, Spider-Man's biggest fan. When Sue and the others came to his rescue, they found that the real Spider-Man had already dealt with Doom.[49] Sue and the others next face the Super-Skrull a Skrull invader who possessed all the powers of the Fantastic Four. When Reed discovered that the Super-Skrull's power source was beamed to him from the Skrull home world, he developed a jamming device. Turning invisible, Sue was able to plant the jammer on the Super-Skrull while he fought the Thing and he was soundly defeated.[50]

The group next went on a vacation cruise, but were attacked and taken prisoner by the Sub-Mariner who had just discovered his lost people and reclaimed the Atlantean throne. Namor told the group he wished them to tell the United Nations that he claimed dominion over the world's oceans. When the United Nations refused this, Namor invade the surface world. However, Reed managed to turn back the Atlantean invaders by creating a device that evaporated the water in their helmets. Furious, the Sub-Mariner kidnapped Sue and took her away aboard a submarine with his minions Lady Dorma and Warlord Krang. When Sue's teammates went after Namor another fight broke out. Furious at Namor's love for Sue, Lady Dorma decided to dispose of her by dumping her out of the sub into the ocean to drown. Seeing Sue in danger, Namor stopped the fight and brought her to a hospital in New York, saving her life, but at the cost of his people abandoning him.[33]

Released from the hospital, Sue joined Reed to an Egyptology exhibit where Reed found a hieroglyphics that told of an ancient Pharaoh named Rama-Tut who restored his vision with a radioactive herb. Sue joined Reed and the rest of the team to ancient Egypt using Dr. Doom's time machine to ancient Egypt to recover the herb to restore Alicia's vision. There they learned that Rama-Tut was really a time traveller from the 30th century (of Earth-6311). Rama-Tut enslaved the entire team, taking Sue as his would-be bride.[51] Sue was in Rama-Tut's thrall while he dealt with En Sabah Nur reportedly Earth's first mutant and a slave challenging his rule.[52] Sue and the others soon freed themselves from Rama-Tut's control with the secret help of yet another time traveller, Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange who came to that era from a few years in the Fantastic Four's future.[53] The Fantastic Four then staged a revolt that saw Rama-Tut flee back to his own era. When the Fantastic Four returned to their own time, they found that the herb was neutralized by Doom's time machine.[51][54]

The Watcher soon contacted the team and warn them of a new foe called the Molecule Man whose power threatened to destroy the universe. Sue and the others battled the Molecule Man, keeping him preoccupied enough for the Watcher to contain him.[55] The Four next clashed with the Hate-Monger a bigoted rabble rouser causing riots in New York with his Hate Ray. The quartet were exposed to this weapon, causing them to fight and break up. Sue and the others went their own way until they spotted Reed going to the country of San Gusto, Sue and the others followed with the help of CIA agent Nick Fury. There, Reed administered a cure of the hate ray and the Hate-Monger --- revealed to be a clone of Adolf Hitler -- was slain in battle.[56] Returning to New York, Sue allowed Reed to examine her powers further. Through these examinations, Sue learned how to project invisible force fields as well as change other objects invisible, however at the time she was only able to use one of these abilities at a time. With complaints about the Fantastic Four's experiments coming in daily, Reed decided to look into an island that was currently up for sale unaware that it was a trap set by their old foe the Mole Man. It was primarily thanks to Sue's new powers that the Fantastic Four survive the encounter, and were able to prevent the Mole Man from collapsing New York and Moscow below the surface in order to start off World War III.[57] Sue and the rest of the team later came to the aid of Johnny who was once again being menaced by the Wizard.[58] Sometime after this, Reed began experimenting with the Cosmic Cube with the Sentry. When the Cube took possession of Cloc, the Sentry's computer system, the group fought various threats created by the computer until the Cube was ultimately stopped.[36]

Soon the rest of the team became discontented with Reed's leadership and fought over who would be the new leader of the team. Dr. Doom resurfaced around this time and empowered Bull Brogin, "Handsome" Harry Phillips and Yogi Dakor as his Terrible Trio to fight with the Fantastic Four. Doom sent Handsome Harry after Sue, who was unable to escape him while invisible due to his hyper-sensitive hearing. Realizing that Reed is indeed the only person fit to lead, the Fantastic Four stopped seeking a new leader among the group.[59] Sue and her teammates next defended New York from the so-called Infant Terrible, an infant alien with reality altering powers, while the others were sent to stop mobster Big Joe from manipulating the creature, Reed contacted the alien's parents who came and rescued the infant before it could destroy the Earth.[60] While experimenting on various bacteria, Reed fell seriously ill and required immediate medical attention Sue doted over him the entire time he was being treated. This happened at a time when the Hulk returned to New York seeking to destroy his former teammates the Avengers, leaving Ben as the only one able to fight the Hulk.[61] The doctors eventually cured Reed and treated the Torch for injuries sustained while fighting the Hulk, Sue and the rest of the Fantastic Four joined the Avengers in defeating the Hulk who fell into the Hudson River and was swept away in the currents.[62]

Reed finally began mustering up the nerve to ask Sue to marry him. However when he went out to buy a ring, the Sub-Mariner broke into the Baxter Building and kidnapped her. Reed ran after her alone seeking to face Namor one on one, but Johnny and Ben soon followed him and Namor was defeated with the help of Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange. On the way back, Sue expressed her still conflicted feelings over both Reed and Namor, discouraging Reed from proposing to her for some time.[63] The Puppet Master and Mad Thinker soon joined forces and used a puppet to take control of the X-Men's leader Professor X in order to trick the X-Men into battling the Fantastic Four. Sue clashed with the group until Professor X managed to fight off the Puppet Master's control and the two teams defeated their foes, who managed to flee.[64] Not long after this an ancient mummy named Gomdulla was re-awoken and went on a rampage. Reed and his teammates stopped the creature with the help of Spider-Man. However shortly after they got into an altercation with the wall-crawler when he accidentally knocked out Sue while trying to stop Electro. The five heroes eventually ceased fighting when Sue turned out okay and told them it was an accident and they stopped Electro together.[65]

The Red Ghost later resurfaced and attempted to kill the Fantastic Four by stranding them on the moon. The heroes managed to seek refuge in the Watcher's citadel, defending it from Red Ghost. When the Red Ghost was defeated the Watcher returned the group to Earth.[66] Sue then joined her teammates on a vacation to Transylvania where the Thing freed the ancient alchemist known as Diablo who offered him the false promise of a cure for his mutation. When Diablo tried to take over the world, the others stopped him with the assistance of Ben who quickly realized that Diablo couldn't cure him.[67] Reed and Sue then began working on a means of making peace with the Sub-Mariner. At that same time they were also working with the press on a surprise news story about Ben and Johnny. Seeing this as Reed and Sue getting more publicity then they were, Johnny and Ben went out to earn fame, clashing with the Sub-Mariner and souring the peace process.[68] Unaware that their foe Dr. Doom had returned from space, nor that he was the secret ruler of the nation of Latveria, Sue and the others agreed an invitation to the Latveria embassy. There Doom tricked the Fantastic Four into drinking a drugged beverage that made them see the worst of each other forcing the team to fight each other. Sue had a hallucination that made it appear that Reed was romancing another woman, causing a fight between the two. However Reed properly deduced that Doom was responsible and in the final fight with his foe, Reed challenged him to a match of the minds using a device that would destroy the one with the weaker brain power. However this was all a ruse by Reed, who turned Doom's trick around by fooling him into drinking a drugged beverage that made Doom believe he had won. Thinking Richards was destroyed, Dr. Doom left without issue.[69]

The Mole Man then resurfaced and sunk an New York City block, taking Sue hostage. Reed and the others freed her and defeated the Mole Man, but Sue was injured. Johnny and Sue's father Franklin, who had just broken out of prison, treated Sue, saving her life before being apprehended again.[70] Later it appeared that Franklin Storm gained all the powers of the Fantastic Four and broke out of jail, reinventing himself as a costumed criminal called the Invincible Man. However Reed correctly deduced that Franklin had been captured by the Skrulls and that their agent the Super-Skrull was posing as Franklin in order to prevent the Fantastic Four from interfering with their invasion plans. Reed built a weapon that threatened to destroy the Skrull homeworld and forced the Skrulls to return Franklin to Earth, but they rigged him with a bomb to kill the Fantastic Four. Unwilling to harm his children, Franklin Storm sacrificed his life to blunt the blow. Dying his final words to his children were how proud he was of them.[1] Later, Oscorp employee David Lowell experimented on himself turning into the super-powered Sundown and began terrorizing the city. Sue joined Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Dr. Strange and the X-Men in defeating the foe.[71] Reed next joined his teammates in accompanying Lady Dorma back to Atlantis to assist Namor in repelling the invasion forces of the warlord Attuma.[72] The Fantastic Four were next targeted by millionaire Gregory Gideon who sought to eliminate the Fantastic Four in a bid to rule the world. As part of this plot, he fabricated evidence that convinced the Sue that Johnny was a robot duplicate built by Dr. Doom. However the Four realized the deception and Gideon was stopped when his son was almost harmed in his schemes.[73] Sue later found himself pulled into one of Johnny's regular feuds with Spider-Man, but she ultimately stopped the fight.[74] Shortly after this Reed became so engrossed in an experiment that Sue felt neglected and agreed to go on a date with Spider-Man to try and make him jealous. This led to a clash between Spider-Man and the jealous Sub-Mariner but this had no apparent effect on Reed, who was typically quite possessive of Sue in similar situations.[75] Sue later followed Reed was later invited to a speaking engagement at his former alma mater Statue University. The the FF's old foe Diablo resurfaced and brought to life Professor Gregson Gilbert's Dragon Man android. A primitive creature, the Dragon Man was easily soothed by Sue's beauty until Diablo upset the creature again. The battle ended with the Dragon Man and Diablo both seemingly drowning below Dead Man's Lake. Following this adventure, Reed finally mustered up the nerve to ask Sue to marry him, a proposal she accepted.[76]

Reed and Sue's Wedding

Not long after this, some of the Human Torch's rogue gallery soon came back to haunt him when the Wizard organized his counter group called the Frightful Four which consisted of Paste-Pot Pete, the Sandman and the mysterious woman known only as Medusa. Reed, Sue and Ben were attacked after celebrating Reed's proposal and captured. However Alicia managed to signal Johnny who was away from the Baxter Building at the time. Johnny helped free his teammates and they defeated the Frightful Four, who managed to escape capture.[77] Sue and the others later discovered that the Mole Man was responsible for the theft of various classic works of art and put a stop to this scheme. [78] Before she could go to the altar, Sue insisted that they bring the Skrull responsible for murdering their father. Reed was convinced and soon the Fantastic Four flew to the Skrull homeworld. There they found that their powers were weakening, and they were soon captured by Warlord Morrat the man responsible for killing Franklin Richards. Unknown to the Four at the time, Morrat was attempting to usurp the throne from Skrull ruler Emperor Dorrek and win the hand of Princess Anelle. The Four freed themselves and restored their powers using Reed's power-booster weapon. When Morrat's schemes were revealed he died under the orders of Dorrek VII. Although Sue got the vengeance she craved, Morrat's death did not sit well with her.[79]

The Frightful Four then struck at Reed and his teammates again. This time the villains were successful in capturing the entire group and leaving them stranded on an island with a Q-Bomb. Although the bomb went off, Sue saved their lives with an invisible force field at the last minute.[80]
Susan Storm (Earth-616) Invisible Exoskeleton

Sue's force field harness

However their exposure to Q-Bomb radiation stripped the Fantastic Four of their super-human powers. With no immediate means of restoring their powers, Reed quickly devised crude mechanical imitations of each members abilities, including a body harness for Sue that used electrical energy to create a forcefield. At this time, Doom had shaken off the hypnosis he was under and launched an attack on the Fantastic Four The group were helped to cover by Daredevil who had been by to work on legal paperwork with Reed in his alter ego of Matt Murdock.[81] Doom had taken over the Baxter Building, prompting Daredevil to lead the powerless Fantastic Four into their headquarters. There Reed discovered that his power booster was fully recharged and used it to restore their powers, and Ben easily defeated Doom, but Ben was furious at Reed for changing him back into the Thing and quit the group.[82] Ben was then captured by the Frightful Four and exposed to their ID Machine, making him evil. Reed and the rest of the team went after Ben, but found themselves captured.[83] The FF broke free but Johnny was captured by the Frightful Four and also exposed to the ID Machine. Unknown to the foes at the time, Sue had sabotaged the machine during the fight, and Johnny was only pretending to be loyal to the Wizard, while Reed and Sue managed to knock out Ben and flee the scene with him.[84] Eventually, the Frightful Four saw through this ruse and took Johnny prisoner. While at the Baxter Building, Reed developed a device that reversed the effects of the ID Machine. When both he and Sue were fighting a losing battle against the Frightful Four, Ben revived and helped defeat the villains, although Medusa managed to escape.[85]

Soon it was Reed and Sue's wedding day and among the guests in attendance were the Avengers, the X-Men, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury and his agents of SHIELD, and Spider-Man. Dr. Doom, seeking revenge for his previous defeat used an "Emotion Changer" to make various villains feel compelled to attack the wedding. These criminals included regular Fantastic Four foes such as the Puppet Master, Red Ghost and his Super-Apes, Mole Man and his Moloids, the Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android, Super-Skrull, the Beetle, Attuma; as well as Iron Man foe the Mandarin, Black Knight, the Unicorn, the Melter; Thor foes such as the Grey Gargoyle, the Cobra, Mr. Hyde, the Enchantress, the Executioner; Avengers foe the future warlord Kang the Conqueror; Spider-Man and Daredevil's nemesis Electro, Giant-Man foe the Human Top, and members of the terrorist organization known as Hydra. While the wedding attendees fought the army of super-villains, Reed was visited to the Watcher who offered Reed any of his scientific devices at his disposal. Reed chose a Time Displacer that returned all the villains to where they came from with no memory of their battle. The device also apparently effected Dr. Doom as Reed and Sue were able to finally be married without any further interruption.[86] When Reed and Sue left to consummate their marriage they briefly found themselves transported to a gathering of future and alternate reality incarnations of themselves who were gathered to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of versions of themselves from a possible future. After this encounter, they were returned to their proper era where they honeymooned at the Watcher's citadel on the Blue Area of the Moon, seemingly no longer remembering their encounter with their multiple selves.[9] Later the Mad Thinker went on a rampage through Manhattan with his Awesome Android again soon after. This led to yet another clash with the Fantastic Four. The Thinker was defeated this time thanks to the assistance of Marvel Girl of the X-Men, who was under evaluation by the Invisible Girl for Professor X at the time. After the Thinker was apprehended, the Fantastic Four and X-Men dismantled his secret headquarters hidden in a rock quarry outside of New York.[87]

New Discoveries

Following the wedding, Medusa sought the Fantastic Four's assistance in evading capture by a being named Gorgan, a member of her race of Inhumans. While the others fought Gorgan, Johnny took Medusa to Dead Man's Lake near State University. Their presence there revived the Dragon Man who also attacked. In the three way battle, Dragon Man absconded with Sue, leaving Reed and the others to be buried alive fighting Gorgon, who escaped with Medusa.[88] Pulling themselves out of the rubble, they were quickly reunited with Sue who managed to tame the Dragon Man. Reed then placed the Dragon Man at the Baxter Building for later examination. Johnny eventually found the Inhumans when he discovered and instantly fell in love with the youthful Crystal who mistook Johnny for one of her people, she brought him to the secret location where she was hiding out with her leader Black Bolt, Karnak, Tritan, her sister Medusa, Gorgon and her teleporting dog Lockjaw. Recognized by Gorgon and Medusa, the Inhumans tried to stop Johnny before someone called the Seeker found them. Johnny in turn summoned his teammates who came to his aid.[89] During the course of the battle, the Inhumans decided to flee before they were captured. When Reed and his teammates returned to headquarters they learned that the Seeker captured Dragon Man, whom the Seeker mistook for an Inhuman. The team went after Dragon Man and learned that the Seeker sought to capture the rogue Inhuman Royal Family to bring them back to his ruler the insane Maximus, in the ensuing battle the Dragon Man managed to escape.[90] Easily subduing Dragon Man, the Four followed the Seeker back to the Great Refuge, home of the Inhumans. They had arrived just as Black Bolt had retaken the throne from Maximus. However Maximus was not ready to admit defeat, seeking to conquer the Earth for his fellow Inhumans, Maximus activated his Atmo-Gun in the hopes of wiping out the human race.[91] However Inhumans and humans proved to be much similar and the weapon had only a mild effect. Furious, Maximus then attempted to seal off the Great Refuge in a impenetrable "Negative Zone" barrier. Johnny refused to leave Crystal and was forced to leave by his teammates. Trapped outside the Great Refuge, Johnny vowed to find a way back to Crystal no matter what.

However, the group found themselves going from one crisis to an even larger one when the Watcher attempted to obscure the Earth from the Silver Surfer, herald of the planet eating Galactus. The group failed to stop the Surfer from summoning his master to Earth.[92] Further attacks directly at Galactus also were met with failure. The Watcher then approached Johnny giving him the power to travel great distances via space-time distortion. Johnny was then led to Galactus' Worldship to obtain the one weapon that could stop Galactus, while Sue and the others faced off against Galactus and his cyborg guardian the Punisher.[93] Johnny returned to Earth just as the Silver Surfer joined the Fantastic Four in trying to stop his master. Johnny then turned over the Ultimate Nullifier to Reed who then used it to bluff Galactus into surrendering. Galactus agreed to not consume the Earth, and left but not before exiling the Surfer to Earth.[94] With Galactus defeated, Reed began focusing his time on developing devices to deal with cosmic level threats, neglecting his newly wed wife. He also began working on a portal to an anti-mater dimension he originally called Sub-Space (later referred to as the Negative Zone). It was around this time that Ben went through one of his depressions over his mutation and was manipulated by a scientist named Ricardo Jones into transferring his powers to Ricardo. Posing as the Thing, Ricardo sought to kill Reed to steal his scientific achievements. When the now human Ben Grimm tried to warn Reed and Sue of the impostor in their midst, they did not believe Ben and kicked him out of his lab. However Ricardo realized how brave and selfless a man Reed Richards was when he went into the Negative Zone alone. When Reed was at risk of being destroyed in the anti-mater barrier in the centre of the Negative Zone, Ricardo selflessly sacrificed his life to save Reed and get him home. With Recardo's death, Ben reverted to his mutated state and returned to the group.[95]

Sue later accepted an invitation for the Fantastic Four to visit the reclusive nation of Wakanda by the Black Panther, the group also brought with them Johnny's new college roommate Wyatt Wingfoot. The Panther combated with the Fantastic Four to test their abilities and the Four ultimately won, winning the friendship of the Panther.[96] Sue and the others next helped the Black Panther defend his nations supply of rare Vibranium metal from Ulysses Klaw who was responsible for murdering the Black Panther's father. While the FF fought against Klaw's solid sound constructs, the Black Panther fought Klaw to the seeming death.[97] After a baseball game and receiving gifts from the Black Panther, Reed, Sue and Ben returned to New York while Johnny and Wyatt went off to find a way to free Crystal and the Inhumans from the Great Refuge.[98] Back in New York, the Thing got into a fight with the Silver Surfer, whom Ben assumed was trying to steal Alicia away from him. Reed and Sue eventually intervened, convincing Ben that the Surfer posted no threat to his relationship.[99] Soon Sue and the others were reunited with Johnny and Wyatt who were teleported back to New York by Lockjaw on their quest to free the Inhumans. During this time the Mad Thinker and his sentient computer Quasimodo, recovered the body of the original android Human Torch, a hero from the 1940s and revived him. The Thinker then sent the original Human Torch after his successor. Sue and the others came to Johnny's aid and convinced the android Torch to join them in stopping the Thinker. However int he final battle, Quasimodo seemingly slew the android and the Mad Thinker successfully escaped. Wyatt and Johnny then left to resume their quest, leaving Reed and Sue to intern the original Torch's body in the Thinker's lab.[100]

The Baxter Building was later attacked by Ulysses Klaw, who had survived his last battle by converting himself into a being of solid sound. He trapped Ben and Reed in the Negative Zone chamber and then terrorized Sue. However Reed ultimately defeated Klaw when the Black Panther sent him Vibranium knuckles which he used to beat Klaw into submission.[101] Reed, Sue and Ben were next called to State Prison where they found the Sandman trying to break the Wizard out of prison. While they thwarted the prison break, the Sandman managed to escape. They then returned to base where the Sandman ambushed them, and before they could stop him escaped with a bunch of equipment stolen from Reed's lab. Also at that time, unknown to them, Dr. Doom tricked the Silver Surfer into visiting his kingdom then used his scientific equipment to steal the Surfer's Power Cosmic for himself.[102] Dr. Doom then attacked the Fantastic Four, and even the return of the Human Torch did little to stand against the cosmic powered Dr. Doom. Ultimately Reed had to admit defeat, and Doom decided to spare their lives for a while longer.[103] After warning the world governments about Doom, Reed was granted permission from the United Nations to deal with Doom first. Recalling how the Surfer was exiled on Earth, Richards began working on a prototype of a Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing to defeat Doom.[104] Reed led the Fantastic Four into battle while the US army and Stark Industries worked on a larger version of the Flying Wing. Reed distracted Doom long enough for the Flying Wing to be completed. The device then lured Doom out of Earth's atmosphere and into the barrier that Galactus put in place to keep the Surfer on Earth. The resulting impact seemingly slew Doom and the Power Cosmic was reverted back to the Silver Surfer.[105]

When returning home the FF were attacked by the Sandman once again, who used the devices stolen from Reed to construct a new high-tech costume. During the fight, Reed's portal to the Negative Zone was accidentally opened and while the Sandman managed to escape, Reed was sucked into it and was at the risk of death as he drifter uncontrollably into a nullification zone.[106] It was during this tragic turn of events that Crystal revealed that she and her people escaped the Great Refuge. Understanding the Fantastic Four's plight, Crystal obtain the aid of Tritan, who used his swimming prowess to rescue Reed from the Negative Zone. However they were followed back to Earth by an exiled criminal named Blastarr.[107] Blastarr came across the Sandman and the two teamed up to attack New York City. While most of the team were busy fighting the pair, Reed developed a helmet that would subdue Blastarr. While the Sandman managed to escape capture once again, Blastarr faired worse when Reed succeeded in placing the helmet on his head, knocking him out.[108] Back at the Baxter Building, Sue and her teammates encountered future mercenary Deadpool and his sidekick Hydra Bob who had been travelling through history trying to get back to their own era roughly 8 years in Reed's future. Reed put in his scientific knowhow to try and help Deadpool and Bob return to their own time, a task made harder due to temporal flashes that erased their short term memory in order to maintain histories proper order. Sue and her teammates succeed in returning Deadpool to his own time with assistance of his a future incarnation of the Fantastic Four who was under the leadership of the Black Panther during that future time. Sue's memory of this encounter was erased thanks to the temporal flashes that preserved the timeline.[109]

Having finally become fed up with Reed ignoring her in favour his work, Sue convinced him that they should go on a vacation. However it was not the relaxing trip they planned when on remote island where they were attacked by the Kree Sentry left on Earth millions of years ago, Johnny rushed to his teammates aid and helped destroy the robot.[110] This earned the ire the Kree's leader the Supreme Intelligence who sent his agent Ronan the Accuser to punish the Fantastic Four. Reed and Sue were teleported away while on a date, but they and their teammates succeeded in defeating Ronan who fled back to the Kree galaxy.[111] It was soon discovered that Alicia had went missing during their battle with Ronan and Reed went right to work to find clues to her whereabouts. Developing a heat image scanner, Reed was able to reconstruct a scene in Alicia's apartment where she was lured away by a Jerome Hamilton a scientist who worked for the secret Enclave organization.[112] Reed duplicated a bracelet that Hamilton wore to teleport Alicia to the Enclave's scientific laboratories called the Beehive. However reed insisted that Sue stay behind and they succeeded in rescuing Alicia without her.[113]

Sue's Pregnancy

Not long after their return from the Enclave, Sue collapsed and Reed's examinations found that Sue was pregnant with his child, much to everyone's delight. However this put her out of action when Ben and Johnny went to stop the Microverse tyrant known as Psycho-Man.[114]
Susan Storm (Earth-616) Miniskirt costume

Sue's mini-skirt uniform.

After recovering enough to continue her regular activities, Sue decided to alter her costume converting it into a mini-skirt. With Ben once more depressed over his mutation, Reed enlisted the aid of famous chemist Dr. Santini to try and cure Ben. However unknown to them at the time, Santini was replaced by the Mad Thinker who altered the experiment so that it turned Ben evil instead of curing him.[115] While Sue and the others fought Ben, the Mad Thinker had free reign of all of Reed's experiments. Unwilling to destroy their teammate, the Fantastic Four were easily defeated by the Thing in the first bout.[116] When Reed deduced that the Mad Thinker was involved, the team then stormed the Thinker's secret lab, rescuing Sanitni and apprehending the Thinker. Returning to base, they were attacked by the Thing once again, but Reed managed to blast him with Menta-Wave Unit restoring Ben to normal just as the Mad Thinker's newest android arrived to finish them off.[117] Johnny, Ben and Reed battled the android, with Sue mostly staying on the sidelines. Ultimately dumping it into the Negative Zone, however the experienced proved to Reed that he and his pregnant wife could not be safe at the Baxter Building and he resolved to leave the group.[118]

While Reed and Sue headed off to California, Johnny, Ben and Crystal were left to determine the fate of the group, when they were suddenly approached by the Watcher. The Watcher warned that the Silver Surfer was going to menace the world in a misguided attempt to unify humanity. Johnny and Ben were joined by Reed who was teleported back to New York by the Watcher in stopping the Surfer, convincing the alien the folly of his plans. Reed and Sue decided to remain at the Baxter building.[119] Having survived his last encounter with the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom tricked the Fantastic Four into thinking that the heroic Daredevil had been possessed by Doom himself, putting the team on alert.[120] This led to a fight between the male members of the team and Daredevil, Spider-Man and Thor until Sue broke up the fight.[121] When the Silver Surfer came to the Fantastic Four for assistance in stopping his former master from enslaving him again, Reed kept it a secret from Sue having Crystal keep an eye on her to prevent Sue from learning of the danger and worrying about his safety, or joining the fight herself,[122][123] however Sue eventually deduced that Crystal was hiding things from her anyway.[124] Sue began to worry about Reed to the the point of hysterics and had to be sedated by the Silver Surfer. Eventually, Reed and the others stopped Galactus and the Psycho-Man during this time.[125]

Sue's pregnancy was about to come to term and so she was brought to the hospital. There the examining physicians found something strange in her blood.[126] Reed was called in and he determined that the cosmic rays that gave Sue her powers were also having an adverse effect on her pregnancy that threatened to kill both Sue and her unborn child. Although Reed was visibly troubled by this, he resolved not to tell his wife a thing, although she did suspect there was something wrong.[127] Reed revealed to Ben and Johnny that the cosmic rays that powered Sue were complicating her pregnancy threatening to kill both Sue and her unborn child during birth. Having discovered that a power source in the Negative Zone could save his wife Reed was determined to go alone, but Johnny and Ben refused to let do so and accompanied him. Travelling into the Negative Zone together they were captured by the brutal Darwinist known as Annihilus who captured the group. Learning that Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod was the energy source Reed needed, the trio stole it and attempted to flee the Negative Zone, however caught between Annihilus and the Annihilation Zone, Reed compromised with the strange creature, syphoning the energy he needed and returning it to Annihilus in exchange for safe passage back to Earth. Rushing to the hospital, Reed succeeded in saving Sue's life, who gave birth to a healthy baby boy.[128]

Early Motherhood

With Sue unable to play an active role on the team to raise her newborn son, Crystal petitioned to join the team and proved herself when they were later attacked by the Wizard.[129] Shortly thereafter, Sue and her teammates were invited to a wedding party being thrown at Avengers Mansion for Yellowjacket and the Wasp.[130] While the team went on a mission to the Great Refuge[131] Sue struggled with an important problem, trying to find a name for her newborn son.[132] After finishing their mission in the Great Refuge, Reed and the others were sent to Latveria to investigate rumors that Dr. Doom was building an army of robots,[133] Sue began searching for a new home for her family. Eventually she was shown a strange house that was partially buried in the ground with no record on file and found it's secluded location perfect.[134] Having grown worried about Reed and the others, Sue learned of their mission from Nick Fury and arrived just in time to save them from a massive explosion that Doom set off to destroy the village the team was hiding out in.[135] Splitting up, Johnny, Reed and Ben fought with Doom's minion Gustav Hauptmann a Nazi war criminal, while Sue and Crystal managed to find Doom who invited the to a meal while they watched the battle. However when Hauptmann almost destroyed Doom's pricesless artwork, he slew Hauptmann and allowed Sue and the others to go free, having grown weary of the ongoing battle.[136]

Sue then took her teammates to see the new house she had selected for them to raise the baby in. However they were all unaware that the Mole Man had developed the building to blind the entire team and defeat them in battle before turning his blinding device on the entire world.[137] Reed and the others were outmatched without their vision, until a stray shot seriously wounded Reed and destroyed the device making them blind. Furious, Johnny savagely went after the Mole Man and subdued him before he could activate a device that would blind the entire world.[138] The Mole Man then managed to escape, then set the house to self destruct, forcing the Fantastic Four to abandon it before they could be slain in the blast.[139] When Sue arrived back at the Baxter Building he learned that Ben, who left prior to the house blowing up, went missing. After fruitless hours scouring the city searching for him Reed was able to determine that the Thing had been captured by the Skrulls.[140] After Reed tracked Ben to the planet Kral IV, Sue asked to accompany them, but Reed refused telling her to stay behind and care for the baby.[141] Ultimately, Reed and the others were successful in saving Ben and returned home unscathed.[142]

Continuity Notes

  1. Fantastic Four #11 states that Sue was a "girl next door" which is not too far from the truth, given that Before the Fantastic Four: The Storms #1 establishes that Sue and Johnny lived in their family home nearby. Fantastic Four #291 states that Sue was 13 years old when she first met Reed. This is also reinforced in Fantastic Four #543; however, Fantastic Four Vol 4 #4 depicts Sue as being in her late teens when she and Reed first met. The change in age was an editorial decision made in 2013 as Reed having a romantic interest in a girl he first met when she was 13 years old was deemed inappropriate for the times, and this greatly altered the personal history of both Reed and Sue.


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