Susan Parker was a female soldier under the command of Captain Daring in the year 2050 AD of Earth-4263. When the United States was attacked by an Underground empire, Susan joined the resistance effort. While Daring would lead the rocket counterattacks against their foes, Susan would lead ground forces and take many prisoners. When the Undergrounders leader, the so-called "Fuhrer" would be slain and the battle ended, Susan would become the new ruler of the Undergrounderes. Even though she became their queen she would instill the same freedoms and rights that the surface dwellers in the United States enjoyed from their free democracy.

Susan's subsequent activities remain unrevealed.


Susan is a trained soldier.


During her battle against the Undergrounders, Susan would take one of their strange underground beasts as a steed.


Susan would be armed with conventional weapons common with the US army of 2050 AD

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