When Thor had unintentionally let loose the beast known as Mangog, his foster brother Loki told him that the only way to truly defeat the creature would be to infuse his hammer with a metal known as Scabrite, able to absorb large amounts of heat. Thus Thor ventured into the flaming realm of Muspelheim, Surtur's realm and the one place that was abundant with the necessary metal.

It was there that Thor realized that it was Surtur's Twilight Sword that had the Scabrite he needed to obtain; however, Surtur wouldn't give it to Thor willingly, and he engaged the son of Odin in an intense battle. Eventually though, Surtur was no match for Thor and his control over wind, thunder, and lightning. He was ultimately defeated and Thor destroyed the Fire Demon's sword in order to collect the Scabrite he needed.[1]


Seemingly those of Surtur (Earth-616)#Powers.


Twilight Sword

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