The origins of the being called Super-Slave are shrouded in mystery. He is a genie that is summoned when is holding a mystic bracelet and making a wish. According to the Super-Slave's own accounts he had been in a slumber for over 1000 years. In the 1940s, a storm would shipwreck Cappy and his daughter Jean's boat and wash Cappy to a deserted island. Realizing that Jean was still out in the waters, he would wish he could save her unaware that his hand happened to grasp the magic bracelet, which happened to be in the sands on the beach. The Super-Slave would appear and rescue Jean, much to both her and Cappy's surprise. The Super-Slave would explain to Cappy and Jean that he can grant them any wish they desire by desiring it while scratching the bracelet.

After the Super-Slave would vanish, Cappy and Jean would search the island and find a lone shack. Seeing if anyone lived there they would be held at gun point by the owner a wanted criminal. Although Cappy would summon the Super-Slave to try and rescue them from the crook and his minions, he would be forced to call the Super-Slave away when their leader would grab Jean and threaten to shoot her. Locked in a room, Cappy would try to figure out a way to get them out safe, and summon the Super-Slave again by accident. Fearing that Jean would be harmed, the Super-Slave would come up with a means of saving them without risk of anyone getting shot.

In miniature size, the Super-Slave would remove all the bullets from the crooks guns and then beat them all into submission and free his masters. As Cappy and Jean would flee the cabin they would spot the "Mary J" a rum running boat run by notorious criminals.

Their fate, and the fate of the Super-Slave remain unrevealed.


As a genie, it is unknown the exact extent of Super Slave's magical powers but he has demonstrated the following abilities; able to grow to huge heights (at least 80 feet) or shrink down to less than six inches. He also possesses superhuman strength and is immune to bullets.


Super Slave is a genie who is bound by the commands of the owner of his bracelet.

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