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Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 19


Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 19

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Six Against Infinity, Part 5: "Planet Hulk!"

Information-silk Episode Title
Six Against Infinity, Part 5: "Planet Hulk!"
Quote1 With your strength and my running away, we make a good team. Quote2

Appearing in Six Against Infinity, Part 5: "Planet Hulk!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for Six Against Infinity, Part 5: "Planet Hulk!"

After being thrown into a portal by Dark Surfer, Hulk ends up on Sakaar and he is captured by the Red King for gladiator-themed tournament games. In order to be free of the Red King's cruelty, Hulk teams up with two other gladiators named Miek and Korg. (Based of the comic series Planet HULK)



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