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"An Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!"

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"An Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!"
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Quote1 Don't call me Wolvie! Quote2
--Wolverine (Logan)

Appearing in "An Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "An Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!"

Mole Man unleashes Megataur, Tricephalous and Manoo on Superhero City while searching for a fractal buried deep beneath the ground. The Super Hero Squad tries to stop both him and his minions, but Mole Man still has Fin Fang Foom waiting in the wings.



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Character Actor
Iron ManTom Kenny
HulkTravis Willingham
WolverineSteve Blum
ThorDavid Boat
FalconAlimi Ballard
Silver SurferMikey Kelley
Captain AmericaTom Kenny
Ms. MarvelGrey DeLisle
StormCree Summer
Mole ManTed Biaselli
Dr. DoomCharles Adler
AbominationSteve Blum
The MayorStan Lee
ColossusTom Kenny
ThingDave Boat
Human TorchTravis Willingham
Invisible WomanTara Strong
Mr. FantasticJames Marsters
Luke CageLil' JJ
ShadowcatTara strong
TricephalousTed Biaselli
RedwingSteven Blum
Fin Fang FomSteven Blum

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