Super-Skrulls (Earth-616) from Secret Invasion Vol 1 2 001
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Super-Skrulls[citation needed]
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Skrull agents
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Created as an army to counteract the superhumans of Earth.
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During the Skrull invasion, the Skrulls used dozens of super skrulls to attack New York City.[citation needed]

Illuminati Skrull

The Illuminati Skrull was the first of many, having the super powers of Black Bolt (whom he was posing as), Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic, Namor and Professor X. This Skrull revealed himself when Iron Man brought back the group one last time, to talk about the Skrull posing as Elektra. As they discussed what to do with the body the Skrull revealed himself and attacked. The Skrull was killed by Namor, whom twisted his neck, by stabbing him on a piece of rubble. Another Illuminati Skrull was seen in the invasion of New York and was decapitated by Menace.[citation needed]

The X-Men Skrull

There have been two X-Men Skrulls, both appearing to have Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops' powers.[citation needed]

Daredevil Skrull

There was a Skrull sent to take out Echo. She appeared to have the powers of Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Human Torch (Johnny Storm).[citation needed]

Unnamed Super Skrulls

There are dozens of other super Skrulls that have not been part just one team. Many Skrulls appear to be modeled only after one character including Thor, Venom, Magneto and many others including even Galactus.[citation needed]

Super-Skrull Sinister Six

This Super Skrull had the powers of the Sinister Six it posed as Spider-Man to find the real Spider-Man from jackpot.[citation needed]

Equipment: Various version of the heroes' and villains' equipments
Transportation: Skrull ships
Weapons: Various versions of the heroes' and villains' weapons

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