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The Sun People are a tribe of humans that live in the Savage Land. They are descendant of the Atlanteans who made their home their thousands of years ago. They are on of the most powerful and militaristic races in the Savage Land carving out an Empire with plans to dominate the rest. The people of the Sun Empire worship the Sun-God Garokk.

In more recent times, Zaladane became their empress and led them in a war to conquer the Savage Land, causing a sailor who had been transformed into the Avatar of the Sun God to return to the Savage Land and try to stop them. They have battled Ka-Zar and Shanna many times but have not been successful in their conquest. It is believed that they were killed when Terminus destroyed the Nuwali machinery which kept Pangea in its tropical climate. The city was destroyed but the ice and cold of the Antarctic climate.

During the Secret Invasion, some of them joined Ka-Zar to fight the Skrulls.[1]

They were invited to join the United Council of Tribes. It was created by the Zebra People to bring peace to Pangea. A member of the tribe was present when Torran of the Ethereals crashed the meeting.[2]

Powers and Abilities


No Powers



Average Strength level

Strength of an average human


None known.


Habitat: Savage Land (Earth)
Gravity: Earth
Atmosphere: Earth
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Empire ruled by a priestess queen
Level of Technology: Medeival
Cultural Traits: Religious fanatics
Representatives: Zaladane, Kor-At


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