Summer is a young mutant recruited in Emma Frost's X-Force. After meeting the Exiles, Summer and her team fought Rogue for training and during the battle they are easily over-matched by her because of their lack of coordination.

Later both X-Force and the Exiles attacked the French fleet to save the English queen and during the battle Summer is hit and fell in the sea where she is saved by Gambit. While underwater they shared a kiss in order to give her oxygen and help her reach the surface. Saved Summer begins to be attracted to Gambit and continued to fight with him and the others the French army finally defeating them.


Seemingly those of Scott Summers.


  • Starbolt's Visor: The mask Summer wears to prevent random discharge and regulate her powers is lined with powdered ruby quartz crystal.

Seemingly a female version of Scott Summers.

Summer has a secret attraction to for the member of the Exiles Gambit.

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