Quote1 Look at its eyes! Don't you see the death in its eyes?! If we don't kill it now, we're all going to... We're all going to die. Quote2
-- Sui-San src


Sui-San was the wife of A'Lars, and the mother of Thanos and Eros.

Sui-San was a descendant of Uranos's followers. Uranos people had left Earth after a costly war with Uranos's brother (and Mentor's father) Kronos.[citation needed]

First they came to a dome on the planet of Uranus. Uranous left some Eternals behind on Uranus but left to return to Earth. Their ship was shot down over Titan where Uranus's remaining followers built a society.

After a costly war (initiated by the manipulations of the Dragon of the Moon) all of the Eternals on Titan were wiped out except Sui-San.

When Mentor left Earth and came to Titan, he met Sui-San and together they repopulated Titan with numerous offspring of which Eros and Thanos were their last.[citation needed]


When Thanos was born, the mother immediately tried to stab him screaming that she could see death in his eyes. She was taken away on account for her being mentally unstable.

After the mysterious deaths on Titan, she told Thanos that she knew what he was. Later, she was brutally dissected and killed by Thanos in search of why he had a Deviant Syndrome.[2]

  • Many aspects of Sui-San's stories were retconned from a comics to another:
    • Sui-San's death is sometimes caused by Thanos as part of the assault on Titan,[citation needed] or she is sometimes murdered by her son.[2][3]
    • Sui-San is sometimes presented like caring for her son,[citation needed] or at the contrary disgusted by him.[4]
    • In Daredevil #105, Thanos' mother was even presented to be Kazantra.

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