The origins of the Sub-Earth Man is unknown, however by his own account he and his people the Flame Men ruled the Earth millions of years ago before the planet's surface cooled. Forced to retreat below the Earth's surface, they would spend their time plotting to retake the surface. This plan would come to fruition in 1941 when the Sub-Earth Man would have his Flame Men cause a volcano near Los Palmas, Mexico to become active. Its strange activity would attract the attention of geologist Bob Roland and his female companion Carol. Their proximity to the volcano would see them captured by the Flame Men who would bring them to the Sub-Earth Man.

The Sub-Earth Man would explain to Bob his plans, and Bob -- feigning to fear for his own life -- would pretend to sell out the human race by agreeing to show the Sub-Earth Man an idea area to attack that would effect a major city in exchange for his and Carol's freedom. The Sub-Earth Man would agree, unaware that Bob was tricking him into creating a volcano under the ocean, hoping that the water would wipe him and his minions out. Satisfied with being brought to the location, the Sub-Earth Man would have Bob and Carol released and then order his Flame Men to create an eruption in the area above them.

Realizing too late that he had been tricked, the Sub-Earth Man would be far from defeated. He would order his minions to increase the heat below to cause the water to steam up and create a massive tidal wave on the surface that threatened to wipe out Los Palmas. Bob, anticipating this would gather enough TNT to blast the Sub-Earth Man's kingdom closed, cutting off the heat feeding the tidal wave.

Although this temporarily stopped the Sub-Earth Man, Bob was convinced that the creature survived and would still need to be stopped. Bob's claims are yet to be substantiated and the Sub-Earth Man's ultimate fate is unrevealed.


The Sub-Earth Man is a being of flame and molten rock, he can generate extreme heat and appears to be able to lower his temperature enough to allow human beings to touch him without being burned. He is resistant to flames, lava and extreme heats.

Strength level

His enhanced size suggests that he has super-human strength.


It would appear that cool temperatures would weaken if not kill the Sub-Earth Man, however the exact specifics of this weakness have yet to be explored.

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