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Sturdevant E. "Bob" Robbins, is Hypertron. His PR agency was falling apart, so he tried to get Spider-Man as a client. Coincidentally, when he proposed it to Spidey he was catching a bank robber wearing a special suit. Bob knocked him out and took the suit for himself. He welded a grid in it so the heat dispersal wouldn't be blocked and then started thinking codenames to gain fame (Bobtron 4000, Captain Bob, etc.). But the robber's name was Hypertron and that's what he settle with, eventually.

Meanwhile, two of the developers of the suit paid the bail of the robber and third scientist. They are three nerds and former A.I.M. scientists who just spent the last of their money making the suit. They trace the suit and start fighting Bob. Spidey gets in the way and when Bob's Volt Rays aren't enough to stop the heavily armed trio, he asks the suit's Help to get a good weapon. It suggests the Negative Vortex.

Sturdevantrobbins 01

He activated it and the trio goes "Oh Boy". it was gonna wipe half the city out. Thank to Spidey's intervention, it didn't, the three went under arrest, and Bob gave the suit back to him.

But he was smart enough to keep a copy of the suits' diagrams to himself.

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[1]

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