This device was developed by Doctor Doom and could be optionally incorporated within his armor,[2][1] its single operative unit being kept at Castle Doom's labs the rest of the time.[1] When activated, the device radiated energy to stun all the indviiduals in the immediate surroundings to unconsciousness without permanently harming them.[3][1]

Doom used this item when raiding the Hydrobase to rescue the Sub-Mariner from his enemies Attuma, Doctor Dorcas and Tiger Shark. By using the Stun-Shocker, Doom defeated Attuma and Shark, who were in close melee with the Sub-Mariner. He then took Sub-Mariner, who was also unconscious, and teleported along with him to his escape ship the Amphibious Skycraft before Dorcas or anyone else could stop him.[3]

Sometimes, Doctor Doom outfits one of his Servo-Guards -only one member of a unit- with an operative unit of this device.[1]

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